It’s been eight days since Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of innocents, killing 59 and wounding nearly 500 others, and there’s still more questions than answers as to why it happened. While we still know little about Paddock’s motive, what we do know is the authorities have not been

Sheriff Reveals Mandalay Bay Security Guard Was Shot BEFORE Vegas Attack

In a significant timeline change, Sheriff Lombardo reveals Mandalay Bay security guard, Jesus Campos, was shot BEFORE the Las Vegas attack started.  “Las Vegas sheriff says Mandalay Bay security guard was shot 6 minutes before first shots were fired at crowd.,” reports ABC News. NEW: Las Vegas sheriff says Mandalay Bay security

Video Shows TWO Shooters in Vegas Attack

The Vegas massacre is still very fuzzy, and it is hard for us to trust all the information that is being sent out. I have even more of a skepticism about the situation given that not even MSNBC and CNN are able to keep the story straight. The facts are just

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Knows What Stopped The Las Vegas Shooter From Killing More People

Tim Kaine

We’ve seen a lot of liberals come out in the last couple days and pretend that gun control can stop mass shootings. Tim's got it all figured out. In fact, he knows the reason why the shooter was eventually stopped. VIDEO BELOW:

ALERT: Top Dem Issues Horrific Response to Shooting

Rather than keeping the focus on the victims of the terrible Las Vegas shooting, many Democrats are seizing the opportunity to push for gun control. According to Politico, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is not only among those calling for gun control — he’s taken it one step further. While the victims are still being