BREAKING: Sessions Asked To Resign Right Away

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been requested to resign instantly by Rep. Kathleen Rice. reports: Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., asked for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to quit his post for the Justice Department’s protection in a legitimate case concerning the emoluments clause. “Sessions should resign immediately. This is an embarrassment to

VIDEO: Jeff Sessions Declares Fight Against Elite Pedophiles A Top Priority

Destroying the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated D.C. politics as well as government nationwide remains a “top priority” of the Trump administration, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions who spoke at the National Law Enforcement Conference on Human Exploitation in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday. Addressing thousands of law enforcement officials,

A New Scandal Is About To Cost The Obamas Everything!


The Justice Department is reporting that they have enough evidence of tax evasion to not only take everything the Obamas own but to also garnish the money they’re making from their new book deals. The scandal, which is tied to illegal royalties Michelle was paid by the friend from college she

WATCH: Trey Gowdy Just Dropped a MASSIVE Loretta Lynch Bombshell


Trey Gowdy made a cryptic suggestion in an interview on Fox News Tuesday night about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton and said there were more “entanglements” with the Department of Justice and the Clintons than most Americans realize. Gowdy stated that Comey’s decision to hold a news conference last July

Breaking: MASSIVE New IRS Scandal Detonates, Obama Is About To Go INSANE!

The Obama administration was plagued by so many scandals that it became virtually impossible to keep track of them all. Each one involved government agencies flagrantly abusing their power.There was of course Operation Fast and Furious, in which Obama’s Justice Department ran guns to Mexican drug cartels.Then there was Benghazi,



This week, FBI Director James Comey turned on Donald Trump when he said there is no evidence that Barack Obama wiretapped him, and when he confirmed that the bureau is investigating Russia’s role in the election. Comey is understandably deemed untrustworthy by both Democrats and Republicans due mainly to his