BREAKING: Look who Paul Manafort Worked for during Alleged Criminal Activities

President Donald Trump’s onetime campaign chairman, Paul Manafort was indicted on 12 counts related to hiding foreign payments, including one count of “conspiracy against the United States.” Manafort’s former longtime business partner, Rick Gates, also was charged in the 31 page indictment, made public on Monday. Gates and Manafort both surrendered to authorities on Monday morning. Mueller’s team

SMOKING GUN: $40,000 Russia Payment Exposed, It’s Confirmed

Further evidence of Russia’s efforts to bribe US officials has surfaced revealing interesting ties. According to the Daily Caller, the mining company Uranium One sought the help of the Podesta Group to establish the Uranium One deal with a subsidiary of Russan state-owned company, Rosatom. Uranium One paid the Podesta Group $40,000 to lobby

LEAKED! Awful John Podesta’s Dirty Russian Secret Exposed On Fox News

The MSM created the conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign worked with Russia during the 2016 election. Although no information at this point has never been substantiated. Look what Mary Bartiromo grilled John Podesta in this video below. As reported by Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, John Podesta went and discussed his closed-door session

JUST IN: John Podesta’s Worst NIGHTMARE Just Became A Reality

Believe it or not, there’s been a development in the Russia story that we need to investigate. Of course, it has nothing to do with President Trump. Instead, it’s about John Podesta. In a recent interview on FOX Business Network, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager may have admitted that he colluded