McCain is a disgrace to America, and the sooner we are rid of his influence, the better… From The Hill Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is pressing President Trump to make clear that there is not a “moral equivalency” between white nationalists and the counter-demonstrators that turned out in Charlottesville, Va. over the

BREAKING: John McCain Just Received WORST NEWS EVER!

Senator John McCain Is More Popular with Democrats Than Republicans Republican Senator John McCain has his approval rating ever……with Democrats! (VIDEO BELOW) According to a new Gallup Poll, released Monday, Republican Senator McCain’s approval by Democrats has skyrocketed to 71% after he voted against the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill. McCain’s approval rating among

SICK: John McCain just condoned the Murder of Five Police Officers

Over a month ago Jason Kessler, a well known White Nationalist, planned a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. His reputation as a racist and provocateur is well known. Of all of the people to defend him, the ACLU helped him sue the city of Charlottesville. As expected violence broke out between Antifa,

John McCain Caught Conspiring To ‘Take Out’ Trump

Last week, Arizona Senator John McCain betrayed the Republican Party by shooting down the Obamacare repeal bill. Now, he has been caught making plans to “take out” President Donald Trump. McCain is trying to ruin Trump’s attempts to rethink sanctions on Russia because he is being paid by liberal billionaire George

MUST SEE: Look Who is McMaster’s Biggest FAN

When H.R. McMaster was first selected by Trump for National Security Advisor back in February, John McCain was so excited that he released a tweet and an official statement on the choice. In fact, it is being reported that McCain was indeed the driving force behind McMaster’s appointment, and strongly urged

Look What Planned Parenthood Gave Traitor McCain for Screwing America

Given John McCain’s shady ties, it’s not really surprising to see Planned Parenthood singing his praises. McCain, the establishment elite and crooked career politician, has been linked directly to Communist billionaire and political agitator George Soros, and has made a fortune in politics; something that should not ever be acceptable. Now,