The Late Night LIBERAL Host Kimmel Gets Emotional: Trump ‘Needs To Go’

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel got uncharacteristically emotional Tuesday night as he launched into a protracted speech about the horrifying events in Charlottesville over the weekend, and what he claims is President Donald Trump's lackluster response. Pleading with the President to step down, Kimmel was adamant that Trump "needs to go,"

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump a RACIST at Oscars, but What He Says Right After Proves He’s a Grade-A Hypocrite

The Oscars started out fine with an energetic number by Justin Timberlake. But then once it got to host Jimmy Kimmel, it went downhill as he took one swipe after another at President Donald Trump. From Entertainment Weekly: “This is being watched live by millions of people in 225 countries that now hate

Video : Whoopsie, Democrats are now Demanding Hillary Hold a Press Conference


Hillary Clinton is edging painfully close to the “300 days without a press conference” mark.  Why won’t Hillary stand before the American press and take unscripted questions on the fly? Opening pickle jars on Jimmy Kimmel, or sitting for interviews where the questions are “pre-arranged” is not responding to off the