North Korea WITH MAJOR and SERIOUS Threat – Should we be AFRAID?


The North Korean government, by means of a state-run daily paper, cautioned of a “super-compelling preemptive strike” against the U.S. that would decrease both its military strengths in South Korea and the American terrain “to cinders,” as indicated by a Reuters report distributed Thursday. via Politico “In the case of our super-mighty

BOOM! Trump Just Got a HUGE Gift NO ONE Saw Coming


President Donald Trump’s success with foreign leaders has defied expectations and so has his success in creating jobs. The two just combined!The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, will offer President Trump an economic cooperation deal, which is projected to create 700,000 American jobs, via Japan News. No negotiation necessary on this

Trump Just Got a GINORMOUS Gift No One Saw Coming…


As Donald Trump’s rhetoric has put the economic policies of Mexico and China in his cross-hairs, it’s needless to say that a number of other countries are hoping not to wind up in them either. Not long after Donald Trump’s victory, Japan made it clear that they wanted nothing more than


A teenager, who wishes to be known only as Asuka, has captured an incredible moment on video. Moments after a powerful earthquake struck the Japanese city of Fukushima, in Senai, a bolt-like object shot through the clear, blue sky. She wrote on her Twitter page that she had decided to begin

Clinton says Russian Federation behind DNC hacking, draws line to Trump


Trump made the remark at a news conference in Miami that allowed him to steal some of the limelight from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where Clinton on Thursday will accept her party's presidential nomination for the November 8 election. Trump's comments during the campaign about North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Embroiled In Major Scandal – This Could Destroy Hillary…


Hillary Clinton’s campaign went into panic mode on Thursday after the Washington Free Beacon released a report that reveals the top lobbyists who gathered in millions for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, who either work at firms that represent foreign entities, or work directly for foreign entities. The highlights reveal that Clinton