BUSTED: Gowdy Just PROVED Collusion! What He Just SAID Proves Clinton and DOJ in Cahoots!

Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News and disclosed that there were more entanglements “between the Clintons and the justice department” than everyone understood. He agrees there was definite “collusion” during the 2016 election, but not the phony Russia/Trump conspiracies. (VIDEO BELOW) The PROVEN collision happened between Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice

FBI Source Drops Comey Bombshell, People Are Going To Prison

The deep state has been working overtime to dismantle the Trump presidency. These unelected bureaucrats threaten the integrity of our democracy, and the mainstream media is protecting them. Thankfully, there are still some honest journalists willing to expose the deep state swamp creatures. Washington reporter Jack Posobiec announced that his FBI

Confirmed: James Comey Just Changed His Future With His Last Statement


Former FBI Director James Comey tries to suggest that President Donald Trump actually wanted to affect his opinion regarding the FBI probe into Michael Flynn, but, of course, Comey waited to disclose this only after he was fired. However, the question remains whether he will contradict his comments in his

BREAKING : Vindictive Comey Is CHANGING His Story to Attack Trump

According to CNN, after getting FIRED, vindictive James Comey has decided to “change his story.” Despite having testified UNDER OATH and ON VIDEO (below) that no-one has ever tried to influence an FBI investigation, Comey has now suddenly decided Trump tried to influence him to stop investigating Flynn. Anyone with half