New report reveals why Jim Comey acted the way he did during FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey distrusted former Attorney General Loretta Lynch because he believed she and other top Justice Department officials had political motives to hinder or downplay the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, a new report reveals. According to the New York Times, Comey deployed a “go-it-alone strategy” during the

Trey Gowdy Reminds Comey that Obama Face up to 10 Years in Prison!

Trey Gowdy is the man of the hour! He is the best! Look what he did today, Obama is mad as hell! Rep. Trey Gowdy grilled FBI Director James Comey on the several intelligence leaks that made headlines this year. The leaks to the liberal media were meant to damage Trump administration

James Comey caught using FAKE EVIDENCE to frame President Donald Trump

As time rolls on it is becoming evident that the Trump-Russia scandal is made-up nonsense. Democrats and their friends in the intelligence community tried to push a widely discredited dossier as proof that President Trump was being blackmailed by the Russians. Well it turns out that the dossier was used for

BREAKING : Trump Reminds Everyone Comey Can STILL BE FIRED

President Trump was asked how he felt about disgraced FBI Director James Comey, and while he did not hold back, he was, as always, fair in his assessment. From Daily Caller:He expressed that he still had some remaining confidence in the director, but followed that up by reminding everyone that Comey

BREAKING: Mike Flynn Finally Does It, Tells the FBI He Is…

In a stunning development, Michael Flynn has announced today that he is now willing to make a deal. According to the Wall Street Journal,Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that