BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues SHOCK “Travel Ban” Ruling

Ever since President Trump tried to get his travel bans passed, only to have them blocked by the 9th Circuit Court, liberals have been cheering. Let’s see how they feel about THIS piece of breaking news! The Associated Press announced today that The Supreme Court is LETTING  TRUMP ENFORCE HIS TRAVEL BAN! The ban is going

General Mattis Announced The Final ANNIHILATION Of ISIS

General Mad Dog Mattis is one of the most valuable ‘pearls’ in President’s ‘jeweled lance’. After Barack Obama became the President of the United States, the liberal elites and the globalists became more powerful than EVER before in history. Maybe they were more powerful when they infiltrated and controlled the communist

FBI Raid on Muslim House in Virginia and Found Muslim Brotherhood Plot

The mass Muslim migration to America is not innocent, nor is the terrorism hitting our cities sporadic. According to terrifying documents found by the FBI at a Muslim house in Virginia, there is a very specific plan to conquer the US in the name of Islam. At a house in Annandale, Virginia,

Group of ISIS Members Destroy Catholic Church In Philippines [VIDEO]

A group of reported Islamic State terrorists destroyed a Catholic church in what appears to be the Philippines, according to footage released by the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency Sunday. The video shows several members of the terrorist group entering the church and proceeding to destroy the various icons and vestments inside.