JUST IN: Look Who’s Calling on Trump to Investigate Obama’s IRS

The evidence against Obama’s IRS is piling up. Thanks to conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, we’re now learning of the massive corruption and cover-ups under Obama’s IRS, which he clearly used as a “weapon” against his enemies, namely the Tea Party. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton is officially calling on President

BREAKING: Massive Obama Scandal Explodes, Records Are Now Missing…

For eight years, Barack Obama ran the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. Republican lawmakers let him get away with everything because they were afraid of being called racist. The dirt on Obama continues to be uncovered. Now, a new report shows Obama’s IRS “lost” important emails belonging

Hillary Clinton Aides Threaten IRS Audit for Prime Minister’s Son

It’s taking years to dig through all the corruption from Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department. The “pay to play” was on a scale never seen before in American politics , she illegally used a private email server to transmit classified intelligence, and made millions in speaking fees from corrupt

BREAKING NEW REPORT : Confirmed Obama Used IRS to Target Conservatives

There have always been rumors that Obama weaponized the IRS against conservatives. A lot of rumors – but not a lot of proof. Many have levied claims that the IRS, in targeting Tea Party groups, actually helped to end the powerful movement, which brought the Obama agenda to its knees, forcing him