VIDEO : Pelosi Speaks English to Illegals in Texas and Gets NO RESPONSE

Nany Pelosi spends her free time visiting illegals who are breaking the law by being in this country. I guess there are no homeless American vets she could spend time with….. During her trip to the Sacred Heart Church in downtown McAllen, Pelosi was flat-out ignored by the illegals when she spoke

BREAKING VIDEO : New Report Reveals Hillary May Have Received over 800K votes from Illegals

A new report reveals that Hillary Clinton may have received over 800K votes from illegals. This number seems conservative since we know illegals in California are given drivers licenses at the same place where Americans register to vote. Also, Barack Obama basically “invited” illegals to vote in the 2016 election. WATCH: source

How Many Illegals Entered America On Fake Visas?


Illegals are streaming into American. And now we have confirmation that a “sham” American Embassy in Ghana for years issued falsified passports and visas. The operation’s primary goal was surely to scam desperate locals out of their money. But how many of the visas issued by the phony mission were used to

VIDEO : Lou Dobbs Exposes Hillary’s Plan to get the “Illegal Vote”


Hillary Clinton is launching a new “My Dream Your Vote” initiative involving illegals “getting out the vote” for her. This is so infuriating and so disrespectful to legal Americans. Liberals have been plotting and planning to make their “dream team” into a viable voting block for a long time now. This is one

Obama’s American : Illegal Arrested For Sexual Assault of 7-Year-old American Girl


This is a non-stop occurrence. Despicable crime and death thrust upon law-abiding Americans by illegal scum. And people wonder why Donald Trump’s message resonates with Americans? Breitbart is reporting: According to Breitbart News: The victim’s mother told police she observed her daughter “walking funny,” according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the San Antonio

BREAKING: ISIS Spotted Inside American Border… Trump Was Right

According to an anonymous high-ranking source in the Department of Homeland Security, Mexican drug traffickers have been helping Islamic State group terrorists cross the border into the United States so they can stake out potential targets for a future terrorist attack. Judicial Watch broke the terrifying news this week, reporting that