HA! Not Even 24 Hours After Pleading Guilty, LOOK What Happens to Weiner


Anthony Weiner is having a rough day.This morning, he was crying in a courtroom as he pleaded guilty to sexting a teenager.He will now have to register as a sex offender.Now, we are learning some more news about the disgraced former congressman. Huma filed for divorce. From Washington Examiner: Huma Abedin filed for

WATCH: Cruz SLAMS Comey For Not Doing His Job – It’s Going Viral


James Comey is under fire once again for his general ineptitude as director of the FBI.Senator Cruz demanded that Comey explain why he decided not to prosecute Hillary Clinton’s aid, Huma Abedin. “You described the reason why the case was closed against Ms. Abedin as that you could not determine

Comey Demolishes Hillary’s FBI Election Excuse With Bombshell Disclosure

James Comey_Clinton Foumdation

The Clinton campaign and Democrats have often talked about how they did nothing wrong with her illegal email server, but more truth is coming out today as FBI Director James Comey testifies before a congressional committee. Recall there were classified emails sent from Clinton aide Huma Abedin to her husband’s laptop.