Unfunny Amy Schumer Gets AWFUL NEWS After Months of Trashing Trump

Mediocre Hollywood comedienne Amy Schumer managed to shove her way into the spotlight with vulgarity and hostility toward President Trump. She became so visible that Netflix thought it’d be a good idea to give Schumer her own comedy show. Millions were poured into producing The Leather Special.But it’s not officially a MAJOR

With 4 Simple Words, Roseanne Barr DESTROYS Trump-Hating Liberals

Actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr is one of a handful of conservative celebrities who have been absolutely killing it on Twitter lately as they defend President Trump. This past week, Barr took whiney liberals, especially her Hollywood colleagues, to task over their calls for widespread “resistance” to Trump. In a damning 4-word

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump a RACIST at Oscars, but What He Says Right After Proves He’s a Grade-A Hypocrite

The Oscars started out fine with an energetic number by Justin Timberlake. But then once it got to host Jimmy Kimmel, it went downhill as he took one swipe after another at President Donald Trump. https://twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/836028398392717312 From Entertainment Weekly: “This is being watched live by millions of people in 225 countries that now hate

BREAKING : Awesome “ANTI-OSCARS” Artwork is Plastered all Over Hollywood!

Edgy conservative artist Sabo took aim at the smug, elitist Oscars, and absolutely destroyed them with his clever antagonistic artwork which he plastered all over Hollywood. From 100% Fed Up: We love Sabo! He is a street artist who’s unafraid to plaster in-your-face artwork all over Hollywood bashing the liberal elites. He’s