Facebook’s Top Lawyer Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Senate Floor On Robert Mueller

Under oath, Facebook’s top lawyer, Colin Stretch told the Senate Intelligence Committee, the total amount volume of Russian ads were approximate .004% of Facebook’s newsfeed. That means that the entire storyline that the media has been running to say that Russia used Facebook to get Trump elected is totally false. https://twitter.com/RealSaavedra/status/925858510419640320 This needs

Trey Gowdy Exposes What Everyone Else Missed, Suggests Hillary Laundered $10 Million to Avoid Transparency Laws

This last week has brought some interesting new breakthroughs in American politics. Allegations against Hillary Clinton claiming that her campaign along with the DNC funded the Russian dossier which contained fraudulent news about President Donald Trump has just scratched the surface. House Oversight Committee chairman Representative Trey Gowdy made an appearance

Illegal Alien Who Cast 5 Votes For Hillary In 2016 Election Sentenced To 8 Years – Her Lawyers Blame Trump For …

This right here is proof of America’s severely fractured immigration system. Rosa Ortega, who by the way is illegal Mexican alien, entered America and then voted in our ELECTION system…5 times. You heard that right. Ortega, who registered to vote in the state of Texas and 5-different cities, successfully “illegally” cast her vote in 5-different