BREAKING: Hillary Scandal Explodes, This Could Get Ugly

There is a scandal rocking the United States. It involves Russia, but it doesn’t involve President Donald Trump. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch believes there is more out there about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s secret uranium deal with the Kremlin. Almost two years ago, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the US Treasury

SPECIAL REPORT: Mueller Linked To Massive Hillary Scandal

Democrats never expected the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election would land squarely at the feet of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Much to their surprise, it may just have. On Tuesday, The Hill released a breakthrough report detailing an FBI investigation into Russian corruption around the time the US government

VIDEO: Clinton Blames GOP and NRA for Las Vegas Massacre…

Hillary Clinton told the Tonight Show audience: I can’t believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on earth is totally sold to the gun lobby and will do whatever they are told to do despite the loss of life. But it took a GOP lawmaker to put her

REVEALED: Hillary’s Sick “Nickname” for Benghazi

The release of Hillary Clinton’s new book What Happened, is stirring up a new batch of questions and heartache for the families who lost their loved ones during the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi. Specifically, Pat Smith, mother of US Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, who was killed in the attack, is

BREAKING: White House DEMANDS FBI To Release ALL Hillary Investigation Records


An official White House petition is demanding the FBI quit making weak excuses and release ALL the Hillary investigation records. From FBI records section chief David M. Hardy told investigator Ty Clevenger that he did sufficiently demonstrate that the public’s interest in disclosing (Hillary’s FBI records relating to her personal secret

Look How Much Hillary is Charging for a Seat at Her New “Book Tour”


From DailyMail Hillary Clinton will be back in the spotlight this fall for an unprecedented, big-ticket book tour for her new tome What Happened, with tickets priced as high as $1,200. On Monday, the ex-Democratic nominee announced ‘Hillary Clinton Live,’ a 15-city tour, which includes stops in a handful of states she

Look How Much Bill and Hillary Paid for a Labor Day Vacation Rental


From Page Six: The “broke” Clintons are headed to their vacation home in the Hamptons, and have it rented up to Labor Day for a cool $100k. reports: Hillary and Bill Clinton are back in the Hamptons on vacation, even as the East End continues to receive the next wave of presidential