Wisconsin Recount Ends – See The Results

(AP) Republican Donald Trump’s victory in Wisconsin was reaffirmed Monday following a recount that showed him defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton by more than 22,000 votes. Wisconsin finalized its recount on the same day that a federal judge issued a stinging rejection of a Green Party-backed request to recount paper ballots in


Attorneys for Green Party candidate Jill Stein Saturday suddenly withdrew their statewide challenge to Pennsylvania’s presidential vote, citing a $1 million bond required by the court to proceed. They say they’ll take the case to federal court Monday. “The judge’s outrageous demand that voters pay such an exorbitant figure is a

Jill Stein and Clinton Camp Miss the Deadline for Recount in Pennsylvania

Jill Stein

Scam artist Green party candidate Jill Stein was hoping for recounts in three major states in order to delay electors from voting for Donald Trump.The whole thing was bogus. It was an effort to prevent Trump from becoming president.The states were Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.Now, Pennsylvania is telling Stein she’s

Dems REAL Strategy In Recounts: Undermine Donald Trump


The mainstream media narrative is that Green Party candidate Jill Stein (and now Hillary Clinton) are pushing for recounts in three states to “preserve the integrity of the vote” or some such nonsense.There’s a theory floating out there that there was some sort of manipulation of the voting machines in

Wisconsin officials drop TRUTH BOMB about recount


Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised nearly six million dollars so far (according to her website) for lawyers and email fundraising companies an election recount effort in Wisconsin.As the Washington Time reports, Stein filed a petition on Friday “to have a state recount on the sole grounds that data

Trump and Sanders Agree! Nothing Will Come From Vote Recount

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump agree on this one: recounts won’t change anything. As we mentioned before, Green Party candidate and overall nut case Jill Stein is pushing for ballot recounts in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Hillary’s campaign has signed on, because of course they have. Queen Hill

New poll Numbers Announced in the Middle of Hillary’s Storm of Scandals


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton now has an eight-point lead over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a national poll published by NBC Tuesday. Clinton maintained her hold on the 50 percent mark, and Trump edged closer to 42 percent of the vote. Clinton’s lead fell five points when the