BREAKING: Here’s What Happens When George Soros Refuses to Pay Protesters

  The Anti-Trump protests have been strong since the day he won the presidency. We have witnessed some massive protests, and they’re all funded by George Soros. What happens when Soros decides he isn’t going to support a protest? Well, look no further than Atlanta when an impeach Trump protest took place. Fox 5

BREAKING: Soros Worst Nightmare Just Came True After Trump Orders To…..

When destruction of America is your ultimate goal, you cannot stand a patriot like President Donald Trump. ProPublica, a George Soros-backed media organization, is in a panic after President Trump appointed Lee Francis Cissna to run the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), via Dennis Michael Lynch. The far-left media organization is attacking President Trump

Ted Cruz Goes for Soros & Obama’s Jugulars With Brilliant New Investigation

Sen. Ted Cruz, along with a few allied Republican senators, have decided to pick up their skirts, grab their balls and FINALLY go for the jugular. Cruz and company are launching an investigation into President Obama’s meddling and attempts to influence overseas politics — which Obama did both on the taxpayer’s dime

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Goes After Soros & Obama With MASSIVE New Investigation

Senator Ted Cruz is starting what will be an EXTREMELY thorough investigation into Obama’s influence in politics in foreign countries. Mind you, the money that was spent by Obama overseas was all done so with hardworking taxpayer’s money… and not to mention done through George Soros’ USAID organization. The republican senators

“RACIST” Michael Moore Revealed as HYPOCRITE by Black Journalist. Creepy Mike calls for July 4 DISRUPTION of Government.

When the new Liberal Radical Movement stages “non violent” protests they often become violent.  If they don’t become “violent” against other people, they almost always become “violent” against buildings, windows, cars and police cars. Hillary Clinton and George Soros backed Black Lives Matter and AntiFa radicals often enjoy “nonviolently” burning

ALERT: Soros Thugs’ 4th of July Plot EXPOSED – Please Beware

george soros

ANTIFA is without a doubt one of the most diabolic homegrown terrorist groups in this country. It looks like they are planning something SICK for the beginning of July! According to The Gateway Pundit, The group is planning to desecrate graves and burn flags on July 1st, the anniversary of the

TRAITOR : Top Anti-Trump Republican BUSTED Taking Soros Bribes

It is no secret that George Soros is the great puppet master of the Left. However, few also know that Soros’ globalist vision has some supports on the nominal Right. John McCain founded an institute, after his failed presidential campaign in 2008, to carry on his legacy. In true “traitor