VIDEO: Dinesh D’Souza Goes After Soros and EXPOSES Him!

In a viral twitter video, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza EXPOSES the secret Nazi past of George Soros. VIDEO BELOW:

Look Who’s Trying to Flood Congress With MORE Money to PUSH His Agenda

From Breitbart Left-wing billionaire George Soros, known for his global political influence, is reportedly upping his lobbying efforts in the U.S. — pouring significantly more money into pushing Congress to back his legislative goals in 2017. According to the Washington Free Beacon, disclosure forms suggest that the big money donor is upping

BREAKING: Powerful Trump Advisor Connected Directly To George Soros – What Should Trump Do?

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Trump’s got enough trouble with subversive Democrats. But the real threat to his presidency comes from traitors within the Republican Party. According to: christiannewsalerts The president relies on the expertise of long-time government officials, some of whose loyalties lie elsewhere.Since adding H.R. McMaster to the administration, Trump and the national security advisor

ALERT: Obama Quietly Joins Soros To Form New “Shadow Government” Just To Stop Trump

Former President Barack Obama Busted again in terrifying coup against Trump! Obama not content with leaving office quietly has begun forming a new “shadow Government” to detract and attempt to derail the Trump presidency. The new organization called “Organizing for Action (OFA) is designed to fight against any thing that the Trump administration attempts