BREAKING : George Soros Faces a $10 Billion Lawsuit

george soros

George Soros is now facing a $10 billion lawsuit which accuses him of meddling in the politics of an poverty sticken African country in order to settle some of his own issues. This will now be the second major lawsuit that Soros is facing from meddling in foreign government affairs.

Millionaire Soros Just Got TERRIFYING News – THIS IS VERY BAD

Soros is an evil man. He has orchestrated globalism in every nation he can. He broke the British bank in the 90’s and he put Obama in power. His number one goal is eliminating the sovereignty of every nation, especially America, to create a one world government. Hence the flooding

Europeans Are Inspired by Republicans in America to Take Down Soros

Eastern European leaders have gained inspiration from conservative U.S. media outlets, especially Breitbart, to eliminate groups financed by George Soros.These Soros financed groups are allegedly trying to meddle in domestic politics. From Breitbart:The campaign against Soros in countries formerly dominated by Moscow appears to follow a template set by Russian President

Congress Just Dropped The HAMMER…Obama, Soros Are SPEECHLESS!

It’s a sad reality that the president who was elected on a platform of “hope and change” turned out to be one of our biggest disappointments. After the frustration Bush era, millions of Americans flocked under the banner of one Barack Obama. He promised a new era of freedom and opportunity,

Tillerson Drops Hammer on Soros

Several leading Republican Senators are calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to launch an investigation into the Obama administration’s ties to George Soros led efforts to interfere with foreign governments. The Senators claim Obama did this by “sending taxpayer funds to extreme and sometimes violent political activists” that promote leftist