BREAKING: Trump Just Dropped BIG NEWS About “Wiretapping Evidence”

President Donald Trump is not backing away from the accusation that he came under surveillance from the Obama administration. He did an interview with Tucker Carlson Wednesday night covering a raft of topics, noting things will be coming on the allegation. Relevant part starts around 11:00: From Fox News: President Trump discussed his tweeted

Tucker Vs. Bill Nye — WATCH The Science Guy Get Hung Out To Dry

Bill Nye stopped by Fox News Monday night to talk climate change with Tucker Carlson. Things really got heated when The Daily Caller founder accused the Science Guy of bullying people who ask him questions about the science behind climate change. WATCH: “You prevent people from having an honest conversation,” Carlson shot at

WATCH: Media Attacked For Excluding CNN, But They Forgot THIS

On Friday night, CNN posted “An Unprecedented Act” as they tried to rile up outrage over being excluded from an informal get together of press members.But they have seemed to forgotten that Obama made it his life mission to exclude Fox News, even using the FBI against them. His administration