Fox News Has Already Made HUGE Changes After Bill O’Reilly’s Firing


Well, that didn’t take long. Yesterday, we told you that Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly and changed their entire primetime lineup. There’s still a little bit of float time between now and when the lineup officially goes into effect. So, “The O’Reilly Factor” still has a few episodes until it’s completely

BREAKING: O’Reilly FIRED At Fox News, But Look Who’s Replacing Him…

After being the victim of a leftist character assassination, Bill O’Reilly is exiting Fox News. Unfortunately for the Left and mainstream media goons, Tucker Carlson is replacing Bill O’Reilly for the coveted 8 o’clock time-slot. (via The Hill) You can check out some of our favorite Tucker “The Bruiser” Carlson

CNN Piles On – Trying To Destroy Bill O’Reilly

While Bill O’Reilly continues to enjoy historic ratings, some of his advertisers are beginning to get a little squeamish over the stream of sexual harassment allegations against the Fox News personality.So far, automakers Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai have announced they are pulling their ads from the top-rated “O’Reilly Factor” after reports

Bombshell report: Fox News says Congress knows ID of ‘senior’ intel source unmasking US citizens to embarrass Trump

A game of politics is being played by high-level intelligence sources out to embarrass President Donald Trump and his administration.…and Congressional investigators have the name of at least one of the sources. That’s according to Fox News senior correspondent Adam Housley, who is reporting that the unmasking of private U.S. citizens