Well, The Truth is Out, Look Who Funds Frederica Wilson! [WASHINGTON SECRETS]

It turns out that the outrageous hat wearing Trump critic is funded by a lot of Trump’s enemies. It’s almost like she might have had an agenda against the President… Washingtonexaminer.com reports: Many of the top 100 donors to controversial Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson are foes of and sometimes targets of President

SPECIAL REPORT: Federal prosecutor mysteriously found dead

The body of a respected federal prosecutor in Miami, Beranton Whisenant Jr., washed up on a Hollywood, Florida beach earlier this week, and the circumstances around his death remain a mystery. Authorities in Florida claim that Whisenant suffered head trauma. His body was found washed up on a beach by a

Muslim Jihadist Kills 2 in Florida and THIS is the Media’s Response?!

Folks, this is precisely the kind of story the mainstream media wants you to ignore because it messes up their liberal narrative. And it does so by showing you the TRUTH about what radical Islam is doing to our nation. From Dennis Michael Lynch: A Florida man accused of murdering his roommates claims

Did The US Just Take Out North Korea’s Missile? LOOK AT THIS! [VIDEO]

If you apply the info below with recent “Failed” Test in North Korea, you will find some striking similarities! Even if The US Didn’t Do It.. They Can!!! The New York Times reported last week that the Obama administration initiated, and the Trump administration inherited, a covert action program to “remotely manipulate