VIDEO: Illegal Immigrants Attack Military Troops – UNBELIEVABLE Images!

Folks, what’s happening in Europe is UNBELIEVABLE! You won’t see this video on liberal media. Nobody is actually reporting this. The Italian government is using Military troops to stop crimes and protect people in the big cities. The illegal immigrants are taking over, people are fed up and fighting back. Leggo (Italian

MASSIVE NEWS: Powerful European Leader Makes Shock Pro-Trump Move, Millions Loved It

President Trump is spurring a nationalist movement across the West. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, is taking a page from President Trump’s play book. Hungary is constructing a massive wall blocking the flow of migrants along the southern border. (via Breitbart) The Hungarian Prime Minister offered an impassioned plea at the

Lefty Journalist Takes In Muslim Refugee…Guess What Happened Next?

Don’t believe all the heart-wrenching footage of refugees you see on TV. The reality is, the many people flooding Europe for handouts aren’t innocent mothers and children. The toxic Socialist policies of the U.K. and other nations have opened the door to leeches. These “children” have flooded the system, abusing these

BREAKING: Dalai Lama Sides With Trump, Tells The TRUTH About Refugees…

The Dalai Lama has come out against the massive influx of refugee resettlement into Europe, taking a very similar stance to President Donald Trump. He’s warning against the continent becoming like Middle Eastern nations, saying the ultimate solution is the eventual repatriation of refugees. Agence France-Presse reports that the Tibetan Buddhism leader said: “When we

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Issues NASTY Response To Trump’s Overseas Trip


If you’re an American voter, I can tell you exactly what Nancy Pelosi thinks of you– she thinks you’re an idiot and her latest statement proves it. After President Trump’s talk with NATO members, reminding them to pay their fair share, Nancy Pelosi had a fit. She said, “President Trump’s brash