BREAKING: FBI Just Gave Even More BAD NEWS To Hillary


Hillary Clinton’s inability to manage her emails was mind boggling. Politicians and high-level officials have been doing it for years and years and they never get in the kind of trouble Hillary did. Democrats would like the Hillary email debate to go away but it really looks like it’s never going

Massive News: Clinton Murder Tapes LEAKED By Sessions!

Recently a new video resurfaced the internet where this guy John Ward released a tape here Jeff Sessions leaked a audio tapes of Clinton’s murders. We don’t know if this is really true, we will keep you updated soon. In the video description this guy John Ward says:  I consider it a great

Trump Says Loretta Lynch Took Illegal Action In Inquiry And Wants…

Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony didn’t quite turn out like the liberals in Congress and the media had hoped. They thought their fake news claims about Trump and Russia might be vindicated, but in the end, they were completely undermined. Instead of landing Trump in more hot water, Comey instead has

SPECIAL REPORT: Loretta Lynch To be Investigated

Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic Senator, requested the Senate Judiciary Committee to start an investigation against ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch who had allegedly pressured James Comey to stop the investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails and misguide the public. During his testimony Thursday, Comey claimed that Lunch ordered him, without revealing any details,

ALERT: Fox News CAVES, Hides HUGE Criminal Democrat Scandal

It is well-known that the liberal media will do whatever is necessary to cover up their lies and crimes. We are sickened to see that they even found a way to silence Fox News. Dennis Michael Lynch reported that Hannity received a letter from Aaron Rich, Seth Rich’s brother. This letter