BREAKING : Donna Brazile FINALLY Admits She Cheated For Hillary

Donna Brazile, the former DNC Chairperson who was disgraced after emails leaked by Wikileaks showed she and Hillary Clinton cheated during a Democrat primary debate hosted by CNN.Brazile obtained the debate questions ahead of time from a reported “CNN employee,” and then shared the questions with Hillary, giving her an

Disgraced DNC Chair Donna Brazile Finally COMES CLEAN…

The Democrats thought they had this election in the bag.All the way up until the votes were being cast the media told us Trump had no chance.Republicans could never break down the “blue wall” and win the blue rust belt states.The Democrats were wrong.Here’s Donna finally admitting what everyone already

Here’s Hoping They Never Understand Why Bernie Sanders Happened


source Politico is reporting that the Democratic National Committee is hiring a Hillary Clinton fundraiser to be their new finance director, and while I’m sure the general public doesn’t actually care, it does raise a point that the DNC seems to be unable to comprehend, even with it’s incredibly incompetent former

Just When You Thought DNC Hack Couldn’t Get Any Worse for Dems Comes Bad News for Clinton Campaign [Video]

The Democratic Party has had a really, really bad week. An email hack at the Democratic National Committee revealing systematic pro-Hillary bias led to the precipitous resignation of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who was promptly swooped up and given an “honorary” position by the Clinton campaign.) Then the interim chair,