Did The FBI Have Evidence Of A Breach Larger Than Snowden?

Isn’t it amazing that the Democrats continue on this ‘Witch Hunt’ of Trump, regardless of still not finding any evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians on the elections. They just can’t accept that Trump is president.  I think it’s more about, the Democrats and Establishment in Washington,D.C., just don’t want

WATCH: Clinton Lawyer Just Dropped Massive Comey BOMBSHELL That Trump Is Gonna LOVE

Following the shocking announcement that President Trump is known under investigation for the FALSE accusation that he obstructed justice. Ken Starr, a former special prosecutor who got Bill Clinton IMPEACHED, reveals a spectacular statement that blows any “obstruction of justice” BS out of the water. Ken Starr, the former special prosecutor who got

Pelosi Has A New Theory About Trump Impeachment And Yeah, It’s NUTS…


Nancy Pelosi just can’t seem to wrap her head around the fact that Donald Trump is president.She has been given chance after chance to say something rational about the president and stop buying into the media’s hysteria over the manufactured Russia story but she just can’t bring herself to do

ALERT: Democrat Launches Nasty Coup Against Trump. Please Pray.

Even since before the day that it was announced that President Trump won the election, he has dealt with a hard backlash from Democrats. It is strange how blindly persistent they are and how quickly their arguments can be dismantled with logic.According to his official Twitter page, California Democrat Brad