MASSIVE NEWS: Trump Drops TRUTH BOMB About Sean Spicer

Now that Sean Spicer has resigned, President Trump is free to speak his mind about the former Press Secretary. “Sean Spicer is a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media – but his future is bright!,” Said President Trump in a recent tweet, wishing his friend the

BREAKING: Trump Just Gave America INCREDIBLE News. Your Response?

When Trump went into office, he said we would make us think about “America First”. Six months into his presidency, he’s held true to the promises he made. Fox News reports that since Donald Trump entered the White House, he has made the United States over $4 TRILLION dollars richer. People with

MASSIVE NEWS: Trump Drops Bombshell On Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is one of the most unconstitutional laws to ever go into effect. President Trump and Congress know the truth, and now it is time to wake the American people to this unforgivable crime Obama committed against the nation. According to Dennis Michael Lynch, President Trump stopped programs

SPECIAL REPORT: GOP Traitors Sabotaging Obamacare Repeal Just Got Terrible News!

The traitor GOP Senators that are sabotaging the Obamacare Repeal just got some terrible news! Doug Deason, a businessman and Trump donor has vowed to fund primary challengers against the traitors that went against the Trump Agenda. These include Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Shelly Moore Capito. “The spineless Republican members from Maine,

BREAKING: HUGE Announcement on Susan Rice Testimony

There’s no doubt names were unmasked by the Obama administration. The real questions are: Who did the unmasking and why? It’s as simple as that. Will we ever know what really happened probably not? It’s about power and money and it all leads back to Obama and Clinton. Who are we

BREAKING: Voters Send Shock Message to Trump, Media Stunned

Despite the efforts of Democrats and their cohorts in the media, they just can’t stump President Trump! Long ago, the people realized the mainstream media is nothing more than fake news. No matter what they say, we know the President is firmly on our side! Statistics only confirm the strength of

Muslim Congresswoman’s Horrible Secret Revealed After…..

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s newest Congresswoman was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. They laughed together as she was saying, “I’m America’s hope and Trump’s nightmare.” Noah wanted to get attention by using the Somali immigrant, who now sits in Congress, but now he certainly is regretting that