WATCH: This Video Marks The End Of Nancy Pelosi’s Career

It looks like the Left doesn’t need the help of anyone to dismantle themselves, they are doing just fine by themselves. There is a reason that liberals are the laughing stock of the political world. The ringleader — um, minority leader Nancy Pelosi — is facing harsh criticism after Democrat Jon

BREAKING: Obama Did Something Sick To Stab Trump In The Back

Looks like Obama is missing the spotlight! The ex-President can’t resist giving his opinion about the latest in American politics- and surprise!- he doesn’t like what President Trump is doing with the place. Obama wrote a Facebook post on Thursday lambasting the Republicans’ new plan to repeal and replace the failing

BREAKING: Obama Bombshell Opens Door To His Intimate Past

Barack Obama’s past has always been shrouded in mystery. It’s that way on purpose–the Leftist media has done everything it can to keep it a secret. It’s the opposite of Donald Trump, who’s transparent and on the public radar for decades.No one knew who Obama was before he ran for

TRAITOR: Obama On Twitter – Trump MUST BE REMOVED, NOW!

Reminiscent of the late Malcolm X, former President Barack Obama took to twitter in the morning with an ominous message: The similarities between Malcolm X and Obama do not end there. Both are practicing Muslims and both advocate violent revolt. It seems in light of recent news, Obama realized he is cornered