Maxine Waters Has a NEW PLAN to Bring Down Trump

At 78 years old, Maxine “Mad Max” Waters is not only the “fresh face” of the Democrat Party, apparently, she’s also the “savior” too. As the Democrat Party flails and fails, falling into political obscurity after losing 4 “special elections,” going bankrupt, and drying up their donation base, an unhinged, low-info

MASSIVE NEWS: Powerful European Leader Makes Shock Pro-Trump Move, Millions Loved It

President Trump is spurring a nationalist movement across the West. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, is taking a page from President Trump’s play book. Hungary is constructing a massive wall blocking the flow of migrants along the southern border. (via Breitbart) The Hungarian Prime Minister offered an impassioned plea at the

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Issues Healthcare Warning to GOP


Sen. Ted Cruz recently appeared on Fox, and spoke with Ainsley Earhardt about the GOP — and healthcare reform. The other senators need to sit down and take this message to heart. Washington Examiner reports that Cruz was frustrated over the GOP and their lack of action in repealing Obamacare, as

First Flynn, Then Spicer, Now Report Says This Person Could Be Next to Go

President Trump’s dream team has been reduced by two major players since his inauguration back in January. First, NSA head Mike Flynn resigned. Well, more like “resigned.” Most recently, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was also let go. (He “resigned,” too.) Who’s next? What are the Vegas odds? According to Newsmax, more resignations may