BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Secretly Spied on Conservative Hero. Surprised?

The evidence against Barack Obama keeps piling up, and this time the media cannot explain it away. During the Department of Justice prosecution of Sheriff Joe Arpaio that occurred from 2008-2010, the NSA was electronically surveiling Arizona judges as well as the Sheriff’s Office for Maricopa County. Then Attorney General Eric

Look Who Just Asked Obama For a Pardon

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Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was held for five years by the Taliban after he allegedly deserted his post. Two years after the Obama administration foolishly gave up five Taliban prisoners to get him back, Bergdahl has asked for something else — a pardon, according to Fox News, who obtained the

NEW REPORTS on Obama Corruption has even Liberals Shocked


As reported by the Daily Caller, “The Obama administration has quietly funneled millions (and potentially billions) of dollars to leftist organizations and politicians that promote liberal policies and win political elections at the entry-level of government, according to the Wall Street Journal. The funneling mechanism for these funds is the Residential

Look how many times Obama blocked FBI from investigating the Clinton Foundation


The Trump campaign seized on reports Thursday that the Obama administration rejected requests from three FBI field offices that wanted to open public corruption cases involving the Clinton Foundation and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. After banks alerted the field offices to suspicious activity involving the Clinton family charity, the FBI