BREAKING: Comey Lied!! The Truth Is Out!!!


James Comey, the former FBI Director recently testified in front of Congress that he had never been an anonymous source in news reports related to the Russia investigation. But the interesting thing is that by the time Comey stated this, he has already leaked several private conversations, which only means

MASSIVE NEWS: MAJOR New Obama Scandal Rocks Nation

Of all the Obama scandals this one is the worst. Because it is insidious, a slow crawl towards a totalitarian state.That is no small feat because this great nation has beat back every other attempt to turn it into a monarchy or dictatorship.Obama wanted to be President for life. He

SPECIAL REPORT: Feds Announce BOMBSHELL Dem Investigation, Media STUNNED

The controversy around Hillary Clinton and her fabled private email servers are cause for much alarm. It looks like the feds are finally starting to close in!Senate Judiciary Committee leaders sent letters to the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, as well as other high-ranking officials on the Left. The leaders

WATCH: This Video Marks The End Of Nancy Pelosi’s Career

It looks like the Left doesn’t need the help of anyone to dismantle themselves, they are doing just fine by themselves. There is a reason that liberals are the laughing stock of the political world. The ringleader — um, minority leader Nancy Pelosi — is facing harsh criticism after Democrat Jon

NUDE PHOTO Of Elizabeth Warren Is Circulating The Internet TODAY!

NUDE PHOTO Of Elizabeth Warren Is Circulating The Internet TODAY! Elizabeth Warren is one of the most popular liberal loudmouths these days. She has not limit. Obviously, she wanted to make a commitment to the great liberal witch hunt. A flat mate of Elizabeth Warren’s from school discharged this photograph of her