BREAKING: Mueller Caught Colluding With Powerful Democrat Against Trump

According to: christiannewsalerts President Trump has been under fire recently for allegedly colluding with Russia, or being a racist, or whatever else the Left conceives despite lack of convictions or evidence. However, things are now taking a very dangerous turn as Special Counsel Robert Mueller pairs up with another powerful Democrat. According

BREAKING: White House DEMANDS FBI To Release ALL Hillary Investigation Records


An official White House petition is demanding the FBI quit making weak excuses and release ALL the Hillary investigation records. From FBI records section chief David M. Hardy told investigator Ty Clevenger that he did sufficiently demonstrate that the public’s interest in disclosing (Hillary’s FBI records relating to her personal secret

JUST IN: Trump Just Released What Obama And Clinton Did To Help North Korea

President Trump claimed today that the US has been paying “extortion money” to North Korea for the past 25 years via the Hill. Obama and Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are all complicit in this massive failure.

VIDEO: Congressman Calls for Investigation of Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Abedin

According to: truthfeed There’s one congressman in D.C. who earns his money and is working for the people. His name is Steve King, he represents Iowa’s 4th District and is a staunch Trump supporter as well as an “America First” patriot. He is calling for an investigation into Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,

Look How Much Hillary is Charging for a Seat at Her New “Book Tour”


From DailyMail Hillary Clinton will be back in the spotlight this fall for an unprecedented, big-ticket book tour for her new tome What Happened, with tickets priced as high as $1,200. On Monday, the ex-Democratic nominee announced ‘Hillary Clinton Live,’ a 15-city tour, which includes stops in a handful of states she

Look How Much Bill and Hillary Paid for a Labor Day Vacation Rental


From Page Six: The “broke” Clintons are headed to their vacation home in the Hamptons, and have it rented up to Labor Day for a cool $100k. reports: Hillary and Bill Clinton are back in the Hamptons on vacation, even as the East End continues to receive the next wave of presidential

LEAKED! Awful John Podesta’s Dirty Russian Secret Exposed On Fox News

The MSM created the conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign worked with Russia during the 2016 election. Although no information at this point has never been substantiated. Look what Mary Bartiromo grilled John Podesta in this video below. As reported by Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, John Podesta went and discussed his closed-door session

EXPOSED! Obama Pardoned Felons Went Back to Life of Crime – But Liberal Media and RINOs Worried about Joe Arpaio

Barack Obama pardoned 1,927 individuals convicted of crimes including traitor Chelsea Manning and terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. Here’s a partial list of the 1400 criminals Obama pardoned during his time in office. Many of those criminals returned to a life of crime. But their stories did not draw much media attention. A San Antonio felon serving life in

JUST IN: This Evidence Destroys Democrats’ Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory

A meeting between California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may ultimately lead to dismissal of the narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC to aide President Trump. Recently, Rohrabacher met Assange in London where he’s in political exile within the Ecuadorian Embassy. Via the Washington Times: Mr. Rohrabacher said little