Keith Ellison: North Korean Leader ‘More Responsible’ Than Trump (VIDEO)

Minnesota congressman and DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison made an inappropriate comment recently, suggesting that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is more responsible than President Trump. The Daily Caller reports: Keith Ellison Claims North Korean Leader Is ‘More Responsible’ Than Trump. Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the vice chairman of the Democratic National

Dem Congressman BUSTED Colluding with Convicted Money Launderer!

From FreeBeacon: Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings (Fla.) has paid a convicted money launderer nearly $75,000 for “part-time” work out of a district office, salary filings show. Dona Nichols-Jones, the wife of Mikel Jones, a former staffer to Hastings who served as his district administrator from 1993 to 2011, is currently listed as

BREAKING: Look Which Congressman Was Just Caught Taking a Bribe

There are few things more despicable–and more contrary to the spirit of our Constitution–than a congressman accepting bribes to advance an agenda that most Americans oppose. One of the big liberal agendas opposed by a majority in this country is so-called “gun control,” or, more accurately, the repeal of the Second

Democrat Congressman Busted in $15 MILLION Fraud SCANDAL

Can you smell the fraud and scandal from here?How on earth can a “wellness center” receive $15 MILLION in government grants?Well, in most cases they can’t, and shouldn’t. However, if they’re linked to an Illinois Democrat congressman, apparently they can. We need to keep DRAINING THE SWAMP – the muck runs

BREAKING – Trey Gowdy Just Got a BIG New Job. Liberals Are MELTING DOWN.


Trey Gowdy, Republican Congressman from South Carolina, has been a favorite of patriots everywhere for his sharp skills in the courtroom and his tough-on-crime attitude. Now, Gowdy has been put on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. (via Biz Pac Review) This Committee is charged with overseeing the intelligence community, which,