BREAKING: Congress Votes Unanimously to STOP OBAMA


Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has pushed a disturbing anti-cop agenda on our country that has culminated in the devastating police shootings that have plagued us this month. That’s why it came as a surprise this week when Congress defied Obama this week by introducing legislation that would make cop-killing

BREAKING : It’s Over, NEVERTRUMP is DEAD – Crushed at RNC Rules Committee


NeverTrump is NeverMore. The pitiful, self-centered “movement” is over. NeverTrump took its last breath and then keeled over Thursday night. However, it was not a heroic “battle to the bitter end” type of death. No, not even close. NeverTrump, or “Free The Delegates” as it was renamed, made their last cowardly stand inside a hotel

Trump Blasts Delegate Fight as ‘Crooked Deal’ [Video]


  Donald Trump declared the voting system "totally unfair" after he suffered delegate-related setbacks to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina, and Indiana between Thursday and Saturday, hurting him in what could very well be a contested convention in July. Politico estimates that Trump now has 743