BREAKING : Vindictive Comey Is CHANGING His Story to Attack Trump

According to CNN, after getting FIRED, vindictive James Comey has decided to “change his story.” Despite having testified UNDER OATH and ON VIDEO (below) that no-one has ever tried to influence an FBI investigation, Comey has now suddenly decided Trump tried to influence him to stop investigating Flynn. Anyone with half

SUSAN RICE REFUSES To Testify Before The Senate…You Won’t Believe The Reason Why!

Susan Rice just announced she won’t testify before the Senate on the Russian hacking. Senator Lyndsey Graham said he’s “very disappointed” but said, “we’ll deal with her later.” She gave a very flimsy excuse for not testifying via her lawyer: Rice considered the invitation a “diversionary play” to distract attention from the investigation

Crowd at Trump rally has AWESOME message for CNN as CNN broadcasts live…


Last night, President Trump skipped the White House correspondents’ dinner in Washington and instead spent the evening with a crowd of boisterous supporters at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Trump spent a considerable portion of his remarks excoriating the media and its one-sided coverage of his first 100

Liberals Turn On Obama After He Does THIS

Earlier this week, it was revealed that former President Barack Obama will be paid $400,000 to give a speech to Cantor Fitzgerald in September. This news has enraged liberal leaders, and many of them are now turning on Obama. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren lamented that she was “troubled” to hear

BREAKING : Trump Puts Reporter in His Place and it’s GLORIOUS!

When questioned about his first 100 days, Trump decided to pull out the trusty “SCOREBOARD” technique and remind him of the electoral landslide victory November 8th by handing him a copy of the Electoral Map. CNN was horrified as they really struggle with reality. Check out Chris Cuomo and Alisyn

CNN IS FINISHED! Vladimir Putin Just Told Them Their WORST Nightmare

Ever since President Trump was elected, CNN has been pushing this BOGUS “Russia rigged the election” nonsense. They keep calling for “investigations” into Russia’s “involvement,” and The President has responded by calling it FAKE NEWS! Well, now Vladamir Putin is Responding. PUTIN IS LAUNCHING AN INVESTIGATION INTO CNN TO DETERMINE IF