BREAKING: Another Sick Find On Seized Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship

The Clinton Foundation cargo ship Chelsea that was seized by authorities at the Port of Baltimore this morning was full of surprises. Drugs, illegal foods and unvetted refugees were found within an hour of an anonymous tip. The latest news from Maryland is even worse. The Department of Homeland Security took

BREAKING: Bill Clinton Tweets that His Presidential Library has also Been BUGGED!!!

Just when you thought you had seen everything, former President Bill Clinton tweets that his Presidential Library in Arkansas has been bugged! Say what you want about the former President, he definitely has 10 times the sense of humor as his wife! This is non-partisan funny! Go Bill Clinton! Need more humor? “All week,

BREAKING: Leaked Pictures Of Sally Yates Just DESTROYED Her Credibility

Sally Yates may have put on a half-decent show in front of the US Senate, but what was just uncovered about her will leave her career and her credibility. Photos entered into evidence in an ongoing investigation against Hillary Clinton in the House of Representatives show Yates used poor judgment