BREAKING: JFK Files Reveal CIA Plot To Set Off Bombs Inside US

Newly released JFK files reveal a plot by the CIA to set off bombs in the USA, killing thousand of innocent Americans, and then blaming it on Cuba.  Because of humanity’s reluctance to go to war, governments must trick their citizens into thinking that other countries pose a risk to their

WATCH: CIA Makes Horrifying Obama Confession


There have been rumors floating around that the FBI, NSA, and other intelligence agencies under the Obama administration were specifically targeting Donald Trump, his associates, and other conservative figures for surveillance in the twilight months of his campaign. Although the mainstream news media framed this as a mere rumor, it

BREAKING: Obama’s Right Hand Has Been Arrested For Major Crimes Against US!

A former CIA officer sold top secret and other classified documents to Chinese intelligence officials, according to charges filed Thursday in Alexandria federal court. Kevin Patrick Mallory, 60, of Leesburg, Va., was arrested Thursday and appeared briefly in front of Judge Theresa Buchanan on counts of delivering defense information to aid