Chuck Schumer Resigns From The Senate In Disgrace

Libtard Democrat Chuck Schumer will resign his seat as US Senator and Minority Leader this morning after learning that the White House has enough on him to ruin his marriage and send him to jail. Rather than face the backlash and vindictive response from the Trump administration to his requests

Trump Just Leaked Photo That Will RUIN Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer and his lapdogs in the mainstream media have been spreading lies about Trump’s ties to Russia. Now Trump is FIGHTING BACK! This afternoon, President Trump tweeted out a picture of Chuck Schumer enjoying a donut with Vladimir Putin. He mockingly said we should start an investigation into him! Turns

BREAKING : Trump Calls DNC Chair Race “RIGGED”

President Trump took to Twitter to call out the DNC Chair race as yet another “rigged” election.Bernie Sanders was backing failed chair hopeful Keith Ellison, a radical racist with a checkered past, but a man who had strong support from big names in the Democrat party like, Chuck Schumer and