Chuck Woolery Wants SOMEONE to Ask Pelosi and Schumer THIS Question

Watching the leftist violence unfold every day is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s as if the lying media and Democrats want Americans to live in an alternate reality, where they’re the good guys, battling “Nazis.” Chuck Woolery wants to know why someone, anyone, in the media hasn’t asked Pelosi or Schumer if they

DOG EAT DOG: Chuck Schumer Throws Hillary Clinton Under the Bus

Chuck Schumer just let out desperate he really is to retain some level of political relevance. In an interview with The Washington Post, the slumping New York senator threw Hillary Clinton under the bus. “When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia

DEFEAT: Chuck Schumer Just Got Up Said The Democrats’ Deepest Fears

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer finally admitted to something everyone else has known since November- the Russia and former FBI Director James Comey were not to blame for Hillary Clinton’s stunning 2016 defeat. Rather, Hillary Clinton lost because the Democrats failed to put forward exciting and engaging platforms. Schumer said in

Democrats Finally Admit Something We Never Saw Coming…

We can’t believe this… Democrats seem to actually be acknowledging the unthinkable… That they’re complete losers. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee regrettably admitted that they haven’t “won a single thing.” From The Daily Caller The email is addressed from New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and the subject line reads “We’ve not won a thing.”