SPECIAL REPORT: Chuck Grassley Refuses to Let Hillary Off the Hook

From Free Beacon Grassley also suggested that members of Congress should investigate “whether legislation may be necessary to force agencies to remedies when the Clause is violated,” and documented millions of dollars in foreign contributions to Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, from foreign governments and entities connected to

Chuck Grassley Makes MAJOR Announcement for Justice Ruth Ginsburg

Such a long time Conservatives have been waiting for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg to step down ever since President Trump took office. They want to see another judge be appointed by President Trump. He would make sure that a conservative would be the one to take her place. It


Republican infighting has been going strong since last year’s primaries.Of course, then-candidate Donald Trump was at the center of most arguments – whether with Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or John Kasich. Instead of coming together after gaining control of all three branches of government, some GOPers still

Senate shoots down ALL 4 gun control proposals; see final tallies

gun control

The Senate voted down four gun amendments tacked onto a Department of Justice spending bill Monday evening. The measures – two introduced by Democrats and two by Republicans – were attached in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, which left 49 people dead and many more injured at a gay