Democrat Governor In HOT Water After Charlottesville

The events in Charlottesville dominated the media landscape last week, but the folks in the mainstream press weren’t all that interested in a number of key points. One of the biggest omissions comes in the form of a pretty simple question: Exactly how did things get so out of hand? While it’s

JUST IN: Steve Bannon Just Got A New Gig After White House Dismissal…

Well, that was fast. Just hours after the news that Steve Bannon was leaving the Trump administration, we have confirmation of where his new home will be… …or rather, which old home he’s returning to. Breitbart has announced that Bannon has returned to the website he took over after the untimely death of

ALERT! House Democrats Move To Censure Trump

Donald Trump said there were two sides to the Charlottesville violence…. So obviously, Democrats are moving to censure him.   Now, we are introducing a measure to censure @realDonaldTrump. His latest comments fuel hatred. They are inexcusable and deeply un-American. — Rep. Pramila Jayapal (@RepJayapal) August 16, 2017   From Daily Mail:   Three House Democrats have

BREAKING: Please Pray for Dr. Carson!

Ben Carson says in a statement that his home in Virginia was recently vandalized with anti-Trump rhetoric. This is what he wrote over Facebook: Regarding all of the racial and political strife emanating from the events in Charlottesville last weekend, let me relate a story. Several years ago we bought a farm

Virginia Police Admit Trump is RIGHT About What Happened in Charlottesville

Liberals and the mainstream media are dead set on pinning the violence in Charlottesville on President Trump. But white supremacists have been doing their thing since long before he was in office (traditionally under the Democratic Party flag, by the way), and there was most definitely another culprit behind why the