BREAKING: Hillary Is Guilty

The investigation being run out of Tinfred, Arkansas is leading down a dark road for Hillary Clinton. The 8-year-old bot who was discovered in a shallow grave, identified as Bill Clinton’s love child Michael Ascott, probably never knew his father and probably never met his wife…but his mother certainly did. ORIGINAL

BREAKING: Comey Takes New Job Just To Screw Trump

James Comey wasted no time moving on after being fired as Director of the FBI. After three years of a ten-year appointment, our President lost faith in Comey’s ability to objectively run the bureau, making him the first in his position to ever be let go for incompetence. Now the

FBI Admits Obama Was RIGGING U.S. Election For Hillary

The Democrats were so convinced that they would win the election; they were so convinced that they failed to cover the evidence of their crimes. Hillary Clinton should have been charged for mishandling classified information, but Obama covered for her. FBI Director James Comey admitted that Obama’s Justice Department, through Attorney