Danney Williams Wishes His Father Bill Clinton Happy Fathers Day with Epic Tweets

THE LIBERAL US MEDIA WORKED OVERTIME TO PROTECT SCANDAL-PLAGUED HILLARY CLINTON LAST YEAR–In October Danney Williams made the headline on The Drudge Report— Danney claims he is Bill Clinton’s illegitimate son. The 27-year-old black man from Arkansas put new pressure on the former President and his wife Hillary. Danney’s mother, who lived in

Trump Says Loretta Lynch Took Illegal Action In Inquiry And Wants…

Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony didn’t quite turn out like the liberals in Congress and the media had hoped. They thought their fake news claims about Trump and Russia might be vindicated, but in the end, they were completely undermined. Instead of landing Trump in more hot water, Comey instead has

WATCH: Clinton Lawyer Just Dropped Massive Comey BOMBSHELL That Trump Is Gonna LOVE

Following the shocking announcement that President Trump is known under investigation for the FALSE accusation that he obstructed justice. Ken Starr, a former special prosecutor who got Bill Clinton IMPEACHED, reveals a spectacular statement that blows any “obstruction of justice” BS out of the water. Ken Starr, the former special prosecutor who got

IRS investigation DROPPED on them ?!

Not very many of us have ever led experience that even remotely look like those of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Also, for this creator, in any event, that is something for which to be appreciative. It’s difficult to envision what it must resemble to be under nearly deep rooted investigations