BREAKING: Barron Affected By Protesters

Melania Trump may be the most misunderstood woman in the world. She is a beautiful, smart, accomplished woman who prefers to raise her son out of the public eye.She shuns the limelight because she is not impressed with all the phonies and hangers-on that come with it. The sycophants and

Barron Trump Just Made First Family HISTORY

The Trump family just made a major announcement. The mainstream liberal media is known for making federal cases out of small things. Melania Trump and Barron Trump living in New York City at Trump Tower is one of those things. The different outlets have castigated the family for remaining in

White House Has a CRYSTAL Clear Message for SNL Writer Who Attacked Barron Trump…

Children of presidents are supposed to be off-limits to opponents and the media. However, 10-year-old Barron Trump has for some reason become a target for the “tolerant” left. Rosie O’Donnell has called Barron autistic. Then, of course, there’s the Saturday Night Live writer who was suspended indefinitely for tweeting that Donald Trump’s youngest

SNL Writer Suspended For Verbally Assaulting Innocent 10-Year-Old Barron Trump

Katie Rich, the heartless liberal SNL writer who attacks 10-year-old kids was suspended for verbally assaulting Barron Trump on Twitter. She then followed up with a pointless apology, where she pretends to be STUNNED by her own “terrible behavior.” Same stuff we see from every unhinged, emotionally depraved liberal that throws

BREAKING : Another Journalist Tweets Sick Attack on 10 yr old Barron Trump

Another journalist wants to follow in the footsteps of SNL writer Katie Rich who disgustingly tweeted that 10 year old Barron Trump would end up being the “country’s first homeschool killer.”Ashley Csanady, a Canadian who writes for the National Post followed up with her own bullying, tweeting Barron has a