Barack Hussein Obama: The Country Owes Me A Debt Of Gratitude!

Prior to Obama, President Jimmy Carter held the title of ‘the worst president’ to serve our nation. Of course, after 8 years in office, there’s no question Obama ‘hands down’ has more than achieved that award. In fact, so much so, many Americans now think of Obama as the ‘worst

WATCH: CIA Makes Horrifying Obama Confession


There have been rumors floating around that the FBI, NSA, and other intelligence agencies under the Obama administration were specifically targeting Donald Trump, his associates, and other conservative figures for surveillance in the twilight months of his campaign. Although the mainstream news media framed this as a mere rumor, it

BUSTED! Obama’s $30+ Million Secret From His Last Year Discovered

The Washington Times is reporting that President Obama spent a record $36.2 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money in legal fees, all in their effort to hide things from the press and American citizens. Under the Freedom of Information Act, President Obama should have turned over certain federal records when asked but instead they

BUSTED! Obama’s Nasty Secret Leaks – He’s Been Hiding This For YEARS

The mainstream media is trying to blame North Korea’s threat to nuke Guam on President Donald Trump. However, new reports indicate that the situation is all Barack Obama’s fault. Fox News reported that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) actually determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used