THE HUFFINGTON POST PUBLISHED A HATE FILLED RANT EARLIER THIS WEEK ATTACKING HARD-WORKING AMERICANS. THIS TIME, THE HUFFINGTON POST WANTS YOU ALL DEAD. The rant targets all Trump supporters, and the author wants to drop a nuclear bomb on them all. Beware Trump supporters, you have been marked for death by anti-Trump

Russia Sends Troops to North Korea Border [Video]

Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly ordered troops and weapons to be sent to the country’s border with North Korea as tensions continue to escalate. Unverified video footage appears to show a train, believed to be one of three, loaded with military equipment and headed towards the 11-mile border between Russia

Oprah is insulting Jesus and the Bible [Video]

A new video has been released of Oprah mocking Jesus and The Bible. It seems that she has decided to turn her back on God. She has her own network and so she has nobody to answer to. She’s teaching NEW AGE and liberal theology. Watch what she’s saying: She believes that there are many

James Comey caught using FAKE EVIDENCE to frame President Donald Trump

As time rolls on it is becoming evident that the Trump-Russia scandal is made-up nonsense. Democrats and their friends in the intelligence community tried to push a widely discredited dossier as proof that President Trump was being blackmailed by the Russians. Well it turns out that the dossier was used for