Cher HITS Melania with a PERSONAL ATTACK and INSTANTLY Regrets it


Washed up, D-List “celebrity” Cher is just one of the multitude of liberal wannabes who relentlessly attack President Trump. This time, Cher made a huge mistake when she went after First Lady Melania Trump, who is beloved by Americans everywhere. With absolutely no provocation, Cher decided to go on a rambling diatribe

ALERT: Trey Gowdy Is UNDER ATTACK. Will You Support Him?

Democrats are bringing out the big guns, firing feckless lawsuits against Republicans in the hopes that something will stick. Brad Podliska, a Major in the Air Force Reserve and former investigator on the Benghazi committee, is suing committee chair Trey Gowdy for wrongful termination and discrimination (via MSNBC). According to the the suit, Podliska

BREAKING: Top Dem About To Go To Prison After Promising SICK Assassination Tactic On Trump

Over the past week, Republicans have been mercilessly hunted down and targeted as unhinged liberals are now taking their vitriol and hate to a startling new level. Assassination attempts on GOP Congressmen, white powder being sent to Republicans’ homes, and Trump supporters being stabbed is only the beginning, as rabid liberals across the nation are following the