Trey Gowdy Makes HUGE Announcement And Targets Another Person


Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina’s fourth District has for some time been one of the most focused individuals in Washington as he serves on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and additionally other unmistakable gatherings, for example, the House Ethics Committee. via Truth Monitor Reportedly, a few weeks ago, President Donald

Trump EXPOSES Obama’s Fraud And Gives Pentagon New Orders IMMEDIATELY!


A huge number of U.S. citizen dollars were in effect stupidly squandered paying for the pay rates of non-existent “apparition” warriors and policemen in Afghanistan under the Obama organization, yet no more. As per the extraordinary reviewer general for Afghanistan recreation, John Sopko, who as of late sat down for a

Judge Pirro Is FUMING! Watch And PAY Attention To This Video!


Berkeley’s anti-free speech snowflakes have a lot of Americans ticked, but few are as riled up as Judge Jeanine Pirro. On her Saturday show, the Fox News personality lambasted the University of California students who had forced the cancellation of a speech by Ann Coulter on April 27. Reportedly, Coulter rejected

Sean Hannity Hit With Sexual Harassment Allegation


Last week, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was fired from the network after a series of sexual harassment allegations against him came to light. Now, it appears that Sean Hannity has been hit with sexual harassment claims that may end up coasting him his show as well… Daily Mail reported that


THE HUFFINGTON POST PUBLISHED A HATE FILLED RANT EARLIER THIS WEEK ATTACKING HARD-WORKING AMERICANS. THIS TIME, THE HUFFINGTON POST WANTS YOU ALL DEAD. The rant targets all Trump supporters, and the author wants to drop a nuclear bomb on them all. Beware Trump supporters, you have been marked for death by anti-Trump