JUST IN: Democrats Are Meeting, May Remove Nancy Pelosi

Democrats have not won anything since Trump won and they are not happy about it. Their loss in the Georgia special election this week was particularly painful because they invested so much in it. Now, many Democrats want Nancy Pelosi removed from her leadership position. The New York Times reported: Democrats Seethe After

TRAITOR : Top Anti-Trump Republican BUSTED Taking Soros Bribes

It is no secret that George Soros is the great puppet master of the Left. However, few also know that Soros’ globalist vision has some supports on the nominal Right. John McCain founded an institute, after his failed presidential campaign in 2008, to carry on his legacy. In true “traitor

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Caught in Money Funneling Scheme with Maxine Waters

In the latest news, it looks as if California Democrat, Rep. Maxine Waters, has been exposed as part of a major money funneling scheme that channels money directly into her campaign. Perhaps most importantly, the scandal could have major implications in the next presidential election. According to the Washington Free Beacon,

MASSIVE Social Security Scandal Leaks…Corruption ROCKS Washington!

Social Security has been one of the most embattled programs in American history. Set up by President Roosevelt over 80 years ago, the program designed to help Americans when they reach retirement has been abused and misused for generations. Americans who paid into the system all their lives often have trouble

JUST IN: Trump’s Newest Executive Order JUST WON Him REELECTION

President Trump continues to keep his promises. And while many are related to ideological issues, others will have a very real impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans. His newest executive order is among the latter, a move that will provide jobs to MILLIONS and boost our economy