Storm Damage Reported Across Central Kentucky


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Till thank you we know storms rolled through Lexington causing some damage tonight a tree landed on several cars and nearly took down a power pole in the downtown area Carolina B check has more in tonight’s lex18 big story at 11 strong storms made their way through Lexington today the temperature and rain weren’t the problem brain was hard but nothing like what the wind was it just would pick up and go to 20 miles an hour or more and that wind did some damage on North limestone from the Sailor school a tree fell on three parked cars and just a little bit further up the street a light pole collapsed onto the road neighbors say they’ve been hearing emergency sirens responding a good chunk of the evening been practically non-stop all evening so I that’s why I didn’t venture out until now luckily no one was hurt here the owners were actually out here after this all happened they were taking stuff out of their trunks even though they’re all ok their cars do have some damage in that Center car the white one in the middle you can see a clear dent covering the news in Lexington Karolina Buick lex18 news if you want to keep an eye on the forecast while on the go you can download our free storm tracker weather app to your mobile phone

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