“Soros Go Home”: Eastern Europe Takes a Stand Against the Organizations of the US Billionaire


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Eastern Europe is against George Soros. Czech Republic blames the financial expert’s nonprofit organization in getting involved in the country’s internal affairs. Poland blames them for ruining their national identity. Macedonia blames them for starting an ethnicity conflict. The first strike was done by Hungary. The country’s Parliament approved the law, which allows to stop the work of the Central European University, the largest proxy of the foundation’s idea in the region. Anton Lyadov is reporting on what the Soros organizations really do and how it will affect Russia.

Just seconds before the vote in the Parliament. Soros’s university probably won’t operate in Hungary after this. One of the deputies holding a loudspeaker tries to provoke and tries to scuttle the vote. A little more and the pressure is in the streets. Despite this, the Hungarian Parliament passes the law. Soros organizations in Hungary, just like anywhere in the world, are pseudo-civil organizations. We intend to exterminate this movement in any lawful way that is available to us. A fight for the right of men, who think they’re women, manipulating people’s minds, like in the case with the refugees. Hungarian people said “No” to immigrants at the referendum, but western non-governmental organizations try to convince them otherwise. Hungary’s non-governmental organizations have had these and other projects in the works for over 2 decades now. The foundation’s central office in Budapest is in this building. You cannot use the camera, please. They don’t let us shoot in the Hungarian division of the Soros foundation. The one thing they couldn’t hide from us is this bookshelf. Look, many of them are about the light narcotics issue. For example, “Coffee shops and compromise.” Coffee shops are the places that sell narcotics.

There’s another one. See, they’re kicking us out. Right now, even light narcotics are illegal in Hungary. Look, the Soros foundation, on the first pages quotes that, as we’re already familiar with the brochure, making drugs illegal only increases their use. They’re hinting that drugs should be made legal. When it comes to George Soros, he has to spend this money to promote color revolutions, to cultivate young people. The youth university is just a cover-up for a brainwashing center. They bring young people to this center. They cultivate them in a certain way, then some of them stay in the West as a part of the brain drain program. A part of them go back to their countries with new views on life. They basically become local proxies of western policy. In Macedonia the influence of George Soros is also huge. People even wear their Soros Army t-shirts on the streets. They spent weeks protesting. Fani Karanfilovska, who is the Head of Operation Soros, has a salary of 3,500€ per month, which is 3 times higher than the President’s salary. Cvetin Chilimanov is one of the founders of the new “Stop Op Soros” organization.

He and his colleagues help figure out what else Soros and other western foundations do for those who follow instructions of the US and Brussels. These houses belong to Darko Aleksov. He is the president of the Bridge foundation. He earns so much money that he could build these buildings. This money is usually from USAID and from some other foundations. People from these Soros organizations live like gods in Macedonia. Throwing paint at the Parliament building, the inspired activists started a color revolution and made the Head of the government resign. Then a political crisis began in the country. The former government was too eager to collaborate not only with the West, but with Russia. They want to break Macedonia off from Russia as much as possible, and make this small, but beautiful and abundant country, sleep in the Procrustean bed of anti-Russia policy. On the other hand the West doesn’t see Macedonia as a government with a bright future.

For many years Macedonia has been on the edge of an ethnicity conflict. About a third of its residents are Albanians, who slowly force Macedonians out of the country’s northern regions. For the past years, the country remained at peace due to Macedonian-Albanian coalitions in the Parliament. But the so-called opposition is against this union. They basically push the country towards a conflict with outside support. Macedonia is not a country. I’m sorry, but it isn’t. They’re so separated that they’ll never co-exist in the future.

Regardless, Macedonia’s adult population, in reaction to outside interference, participate in daily protests with “Soros, go to hell!” and “Soros Go Home” slogans. Anton Lyadov, Viktor Vinogradov and Ilgiz Khakimov, Vesti. .

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