SHOCKING: Elizabeth Warren Threatens President Trump

Elizabeth Warren is one of the most popular liberal loudmouths these days. She has not limit. Obviously, she wanted to make a commitment to the great liberal witch hunt.

After the horrible shooting in Virginia when Scalise and 3 other Republicans got shot, we all expected to see sanity, compassion, and sensitivity, but we saw the exact opposite.

Elizabeth Warren, as I already said, stated something horrible in front of a large auditorium. Instead of talking about unity and ending the tension between the people, Warren warned President Trump: “You haven’t seen nasty yet!”

The nation responded quickly. Nobody wants to see this arrogant and insolent woman attacking President Trump with no particular reason, knowing the fact that the tension is over ‘boiling point’.

She also announced that ‘THE WAR’ for the middle class is not over. The nation quickly responded.