SHE’S RUINED! The New Hillary Clinton LEAKS Will END Her Politics FOREVER!

Look, we all know that Hillary Clinton is a paranoid loser, but now we finally have what we need to prove it to the world! In the new book Shattered, which chronicles Hillary’s path to failure, it was revealed that she spied on her own staff after LOSING to Obama in 2008! The book said, “She instructed a trusted aide to access (her) campaign server and download the messages sent and received by top staffers.”

This does NOT look good for Hillary Clinton. She may not go to jail, but one thing is for sure…AFTER READING THIS, NOBODY SMART WILL WORK WITH HER IN POLITICS EVER AGAIN! A source close to Clinton told the authors,

“She believed her campaign had failed her – not the other way around – and she wanted to ‘see who was talking to who, who was leaking to who.”

According to the book, Hillary’s own staff started getting nervous when she inexplicably knew EVERYTHING about their Campaign HQ despite her being on the trail.That is really just sad. Even to this day, she cannot see that SHE was the problem. Not her staff, not Obama, not Russia, not Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is the ONLY person to blame for Hillary Clinton losing. PERIOD.