Secret Puzzle Solved! Sammy Lawrence FOUND in BATIM Chapter 3!


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Remember those instruments along the stairway and bendy Chapter three We all knew there was something fishy about them, and now their secret has finally been uncovered. What is that secret? Watch on to find out another bendy in the ink machine secrets you betcha If you’re new remember to subscribe and tap that Bell for more bendy and horror game theories that actually makes sense Bendy fans have finally found out the solution to the secret instrument puzzle in bendy chapter 3 in case You didn’t know Entering the stay away from level 11 will show that there are some instruments tacked up near a speaker playing these instruments in a certain order Will unlock a special secret the order that you need to play the instruments is bass drum Fiddle piano drum after playing these instruments in this very specific order you will hear a very special message Take a listen We’ve all been waiting, but now he will set us free Spoken by none other than Sammy Lawrence now. What does this secret mean? I think it means that Sammy Lawrence really didn’t die so remember We’ve all been speculating since the chapter 3 update of bendy and the machine that Sammy Lawrence might still be alive Because his death puddle was removed in this update previously when Bendy catches him while doing his ritual He would scream in a puddle of ink would appear under his door Suggesting that he was killed given that this was removed in the update We all thought that he might still be alive running around the studio And it seems that he is and it looks like he’s living on through the instruments in the studio Now what part will he play further on in the game well? Let’s remember that Sammy’s aim demon is still around in the studio Perhaps ink bendy needs him in a fight against Alice angel the reason I say this is because in the end screens for chapter 3 for both demon and Angel paths we get images of Alice angel and Bendy and bendy looks like he’s racking up an army for some sort of huge battle That’s about to happen Meanwhile Alice is over here sharpening her axe to try and become perfect as soon as possible there has to be a reasoning behind this and if this mirrors the events of the studio before everything went down here perhaps this reflects the conflict between Alice angel and Alice and pendel and Sammy Lawrence if bendy is truly Joey Drew then maybe his collected Sammy as part of his army or maybe Joey Drew is an ink worker or A human pulling strings behind the scene and depending on the relationship between Joey Drew and Henry this could end up being a very bad situation for him especially if he betrayed him tap this video to find out why or check out these videos which were picked just for you if you’re new remember to tap my face to subscribe and to tap that Bell for more bendy and horror game theories that Actually makes sense and prodigies.

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