Rosie O’Donnell Just Made Her Final Mistake That Will Cost Her Everything – She ATTACKED Barron Trump AGAIN

Rosie O’Donell just loves to mock people using her twitter account. She is attacking people especially the president’s family. Her latest tweet was regarding Donald Trump Jr. and Barron. Rosie said they both should go to jail. Is this woman normal? She is full of hatred for the Trump family.

Via Proud Patriots

OMG, IS THAT ROSIE O’DONELL AGAIN?! What this sick woman just wrote on her twitter account infuriated the entire nation. I just read her latest post (shameless attack) against the first family and I am stunned. This is one of the ugliest and stupidest twits I’ve ever seen…

We will let you see for yourselves. Read more below:

It’s Rosie O’Donnell again, people. Rosie and her hate for President Donald Trump. She was the toughest opponent of President Trump, and for many, she’s the worst anti-Trump protester ever. Yes, Rosie O’Donnell is the person who mocked the President’s children just to earn a few points from the Democrats.

Now Rosie decided to mess up with Donald Trump Jr. and Barron. She didn’t learn the lesson, I suppose. Hopefully, this time she will learn it, otherwise, Americans are going to pour their anger on her. O’Donnell fired the Internet, and Twitter exploded after she did the unthinkable.

Donald Jr. posted a photo of himself. It’s his “outfit” that provoked O’Donnell. Donald wore a T-shirt that mocks liberals for their obsession with the “fake news” thing. Yes, liberals were pretty vocal about the alleged fake news, and they attacked President Trump in every way possible.

Oh, Rosie couldn’t hold it, and she went straight against Donald Jr. her strike was so severe that she even required that authorities lock him and his “baby brother” in prison. How can the 11-year-old boy end behind bars? Let’s not forget that Rosie called him autistic, as if that’s something to be made fun of.

Social networks exploded immediately, and Twitter users went hard on her.

Rosie O’Donnell probably regrets all the things she did so far. Those kids didn’t do anything to her, and messing with the President’s children is the last thing she should consider doing. Maybe she will finally remain silent, and learn how to respect others. This is a pure attack on the President and his family, and Rosie may be punished for her comments.

Do you think President Trump will make O’Donnell take back her words? Will O’Donnell keep mocking the President’s children? How will the situation develop in near future?

Can someone tell Rossie O’Donnell that she is not interesting anymore? She should mind her own business and stop being so hateful! Rosie needs to show some respect to the president and stop mocking his family!