Romans 9:5-9 (They Are Not All Israel Who Are of Israel)


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Okay we got it live alright we’re gonna go ahead and get started let me get my Bible doggonit I keep forgetting everything today we’re in psalm 119 hold on once so sorry about this I thought I had two more minutes and I didn’t so give me one second here okay so we have psalm 119 verse 65 you have dealt well with your servant O Lord according to your word teach me good judgment to knowledge for I believe your Commandments before I was afflicted I went astray but now I keep your word you are good and do good teach me your statutes the proud have forged a lie against me but I will keep your precepts with my whole heart their hardness is fat is grease but I delight in your law it is good for me that I’ve been afflicted that I may learn your statues the law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of coins of gold and silver and I’m gonna read you something about this day in history age 28 December and it’s also my son’s 30th birthday so it starts out on a great note here kind of because my son was adopted from Japan it says something his religion was real the Japanese invaded Borneo in 1942 to escape capture three Christian and Missionary Alliance missionaries John will finger and mr. and mrs.

Richard Lennon fled into the jungle to live with Christians of the Maruti tribe will finger a Bachelor linguist was anticipating his upcoming furlough and seeing his fiancee again the Lennon’s were working on a meruit translation of the Bible in July the three missionaries learned that a group of Europeans had been captured by the Japanese in response they moved to another marouk village in the north northern part of Borneo there they learned that 3 cm a missionary serving in eastern Borneo had been imprisoned by the Japanese will finger and the Lennon’s assured that the Japanese would assumed that the Japanese would find them on September 19th the messenger brought a list of persons for whom the Japanese were searching the names of all three were on the list the messenger warned that anyone harboring fugitives would be severely punished stay the meruit Christians pleaded we will take you where you cannot be found the three missionaries discussed what they should do and finally came to a decision they told their Marut hosts you would have delighted the Japanese we would rather surrender than cause you to be disobedient to God’s Word willing we’ll finger explain that explained in whosoever receives this letter we feel that we could have successfully hidden but at the risk of involving these Mertes who have been kind to us and desirous of hiding us therefore we have decided to go to the enemy trusting God to the ultimate results he attached the list of the names and addresses of his loved ones to the letter asking its receiver to kindly send my love to my family and sweetheart the missionaries decided to separate well finger desired to visit several tribal churches in Eastern Borneo before turning himself in the lemons taking their precious Bible translations with them set out for Japanese post to the north several days later they walked into a Japanese prison camp and were immediately imprisoned miss Lenna miraculously was able to conceal the Gospel of Mark manuscript under wet clothing on the clothesline when the guards searched the women’s quarters a guard discovered the Gospel of Matthew and mr.

Lenin’s possession but after the war mr. Lanham found it intact in a rubbish heap both Gospels were published for the meruit by the British and foreign Bible Society will finger completed this missionary tour and surrendered to the Japanese on 28 December 1942 he was executed after the war John will fingers Bible was discovered and inside the cover he had inscribed a poem no mere man is the Christ I know but greater far than all below day by day his leaven Folds me day by day his power upholds me all that God could ever be that man of Nazareth is to me no mere man can my strength sustain and drive away all my pain holding me close in his embrace when death and I stand face-to-face then all that God could ever be the unseen Christ will be to me below the poem he had written hallelujah this is real reflection is your faith real as John will finger face death he found God’s promises to be sure you can – as for God his way is perfect all the Lord’s promises proved true he is the shield for all who looked to him for protection for who is God except the Lord but who but our God is a solid rock and so understanding that and the faith that that person possessed and that he died for his faith that I’ll tell the people online that have not heard this that our brother Paul died yesterday morning and so he’s gone off to be with the Lord and he had his faith totally completely committed to Christ and there is no doubt that he is with the Lord now absent from the present absent from the body present with the Lord and we I would hope that everybody that watches these videos would keep his wife Elaine and their two children in prayer as they decide what they’re going to do in the next few days and you know they’ve traveled from up north to come down and be with their mom and and so we’ll just pray that that’ll be something that will be without a lot of incident and a lot of difficulty for them and let’s go and go to the Lord in prayer Heavenly Father we thank you for the chance to come into your presence and we thank you for the faith of those missionaries that were willing to risk their own life for the sake of the people that they were ministering to and to hold fast your word even in such a trial as that and Lord we certainly pray for Elaine and her two children as they mourn the loss of Paul and as they decide what they’re going to need to do in the days ahead and how things are going to be worked out in their lives I would pray that you would give them peace in their minds knowing that Paul is in a far better place and he’s in a body or he has a body coming which is going to be much much better infinitely better than the one that he left behind and Lord there’s so many that are facing this in their lives and difficulties and trials such as this pains and and just all kinds of stresses that our bodies face and we would pray that you would be with them and help them through their trials and keep their faith strong that they would someday know that they would be standing in your presence with a body that will last forever and forever we thank you Lord that you so blessed us in this church and in this fellowship and in these Bible studies and we just commit this hour and a half to you and we just exalt you in Jesus name Amen and before we get into Romans one more thing is the Sunday the church is going to start on time but the people that are watching streaming online will not be able to see for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes it just depends but we have a person coming in to speak to the church on Sunday morning that cannot be put out on to the abroad you know that the streaming because of the job that is performed by that individual and so please understand that we will have Church and we will be streaming just on time but you just won’t be able to see for the first few minutes and maybe you just take that time and just pray for the person who is speaking that the words uttered will be ones that will benefit the church and we’ll also pray that that person will be going back overseas to uh you know just bring many souls to Christ anyway there you go and hey look at these two guys huh all the way straight from the cold cold north um – Wow Wow ten degrees to sunny Sarasota with shorts on and Wow good to have you guys here alright we’re we’re gonna start right now in Romans chapter 9 we’re in the fifth first you guys walked in at the perfect time so let’s see here Romans Romans Romans okay Romans chapter 9 and we’re in verse 5 we’re gonna let’s see I’m one page up okay Romans 9 what I’m going to do is I’m going to start with first one just so you have the context of where we are romans 9 1 says I tell the truth in Christ I am not lying my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Spirit that I have great sorrow and continual grief in my heart but I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren my countrymen according to the flesh who are Israelites to whom pertain the adoption the glory the covenants the giving of the law the service of God and the promises verse 5 of whom are the fathers and from whom according to the flesh Christ came who is over all the eternally blessed God amen now before I give you my thoughts on Romans one more person I want to ask you to pray for and we’ll try to remember him at the end of the class as well is the person that does the all the web work for us his name is Mike and he’s having some outpatient surgery today and you may have something very serious he doesn’t know yet so we’ll just want try to remember him in prayer as well when we get done today but here we go Romans we’ll read that again at whom are the fathers and from whom according to the flesh Christ came who is over all the eternally blessed God amen the Paul continues his list of honors which have been bestowed upon the people of Israel which began in verse 4 and that was the glory the covenants the giving of the law the service of God the promises and then he moves into up whom are the father’s the father’s are also known in the Greek as we in English but I mean it’s a term which comes from the Greek Patriot that’s right patriarchs ok Patriot Riyaz father and then ark with the ark a which is the first or foremost no what can anybody name who the patriarchs are Abraham Isaac and Jacob anybody else twelve sons of Israel yeah and then there’s one more it’s now believe it or not there’s a person called no paytrik Lieber not as David he’s called a patriarch in the book of Acts you slept through that lesson I know you anyway yeah David in the book of Acts is called a patriarch so but those are the ones that and Moses would be a patriarch but I don’t think he’s ever explicitly called that but the fathers are and you know we would include mostly Moses as a patriarch but I just don’t believe he’s actually called a patriarch but David is so anyway now whom are the father’s the father’s known as the patriarchs a term referring to the first fathers okay they’re the heads of the household of God’s people who are looked upon as exemplars of faith in and fellowship with God okay the patriarchs include and oh I typed it for you so we I didn’t have to ask you Hebrews 7/4 says Abraham was a patriarch the great man of faith who is called and given the promises of God the sign of circumcision and who continues to be used as you eat Pitta me faithfulness throughout the pages of the Bible Isaac and Jay Jacob are considered though not explicitly termed patriarchs also the sons of Israel acts 7 verse 8 are called patriarchs as well and finally in acts King David is called a patriarch so you can turn to that if you get it just read it out loud and that way you’ll Binda Kate what I said because I typed it and I had remembered that from before and while you’re looking for that the next title that he gives them are from whom according to the flesh Christ came so the greatest honor of all for the people of Israel is the one which is noted here they are the people the chosen line through whom came the Messiah meaning the Christ okay do you have that version go ahead regarding the patriarch baby the patriarch David there you go so David is a patriarch which would be kind of unexpected but all the way down line he was and okay so we were going about Christ the Messiah he came through the chose align his human lineage according to the flesh as what Paul says there is human lineage is traced through this group of people and it is they whose records detail his ancestry all the way back to who at absolute admin one in Abraham and the other that’s absolutely right but they’d trace it all the way back it says Adam the the son of Adam the Son of God that’s right that’s in the book of Luke chapter 3 and it says traits through this group of people and it is his ancestry all the way back to the first man Adam and the end everything is tied together in the Oracles of God as Paul calls them as he called them back in Romans 3 verses 1 and 2 when we read to that just so you know what I’m talking about the Oracles of God whom they maintained what advantage then hath the Jew or what profit what is the profit of circumcision he says much in every way chiefly because to them were committed the Oracles of God though they’re the ones the once it maintained the Word of God they most of it was received by them the book of Job is suspect was it received by job himself or by a Hebrew about the life of job nobody really knows but it was the Jews who maintain those Oracles and then in the New Testament the same thing as true as well it was written by almost exclusively Jews with two exceptions what are the two exceptions in the New Testament Luke and acts okay and we know that Luke was not a Jew how do we know that where is that recorded it’s in Colossians chapter or anybody okay let’s go there and we’ll check it out let’s see Corinthians let’s see here the latians Colossians the weight oh I’m sorry I said three and it’s not okay so alright you said three I didn’t say anything instead of the foot here’s how we know that Luke wasn’t a a Jew it says here he gives a list of the people’s names and he goes on from verse seven down through 10 and he lists people and then in verse 11 he says and Jesus who is called justice these are my only fellow workers for the kingdom of God who are of the circumcision meaning Jews okay they have proved to be a comfort to me and then he starts listing Gentiles and he gets down to verse 14 and he says Luke the beloved physician and Dimas greet you Luke was not a Jew okay you’re gonna read commentaries by people at some point they say yes of course Luke was a Jew the Oracles of God came through the Jewish people and they come up with all kinds they need to read the book of Colossians chapter 4 ok chapter 4 and I’ll see that was I see why everybody said 3 the wrong finger was up anyway on so there you go read that again just so you know start it verse 7 of Colossians 4 go down to verse 11 and you’ll see that he says these are the only ones of the circumcision my fellow workers and then you go down to verse some look what did they say verse 14 Luke the physician also greets you with Bemus okay he was not a Jew okay so that’s and we talked about that when we were in Romans chapter 3 it’s something that people want to argue about there’s no argument the Word of God stands it is written there’s no need to go any further than that so and another thing what you’re gonna see from time to time I might as well bring it up before we finish Romans 9 fight if the Old Testament was written in what language Hebrew and Aramaic Hebrew and Aramaic okay you’ve got one word of Aramaic and yo Garcia who that Genesis and you’ve got a couple of interspersed a line right out in the middle of nowhere in the Book of Jeremiah but you’ve got Daniel and Esther thank you and I also some letters that are written in Aramaic in Ezra Nehemiah but for the most part it’s Hebrew there’s some Aramaic interspersed in there in the Old Testament and then it is true that the Old Testament was also written in Greek but that was afterward that was a translation of those languages okay so it wasn’t originally written in that and then the New Testament and this is the one that people argue with they come up with all kinds of reasons why in fact it wasn’t this particular language do not listen to them what was the language of the New Testament written in great okay one hundred percent certain if anybody ever says oh we know it was Aramaic it was the language of the day and they all were Jews doesn’t matter if they were Jews it was written in Greek and we know this 100% how can we know that the New Testament was written in Greek 100% it’s because you will see this in Thank You Matthew Mark Luke and John okay and you also see it in the book of Acts you you will see translations in that it’ll say which in the Hebrew is and if that verse is a part of the scripture which it is then they would not say in the Hebrew or in the Aramaic gabbatha means or in the Hebrew or Aramaic this word means all four of the Gospels do it the book of Acts does it implying actually it’s explicit but it implies it that it was written in Greek and they were translating back into the original language Hebrew or Aramaic the terms that were used okay I hope everybody understands it was written in Greek and nobody disputes that the epistles by Paul were written in Greek nobody disputes that okay he spoke Greek he had a scribe that would write for him as well a Greek scribe and then the later epistles almost everybody agrees they were all written in Greek as well okay revelation no doubt about it was Greek the only question is Matthew Mark Luke and John acts we know that they were written in Greek Luke was a Greek physician he wrote Luke and he wrote acts but even there he says in the original it means this like one example is remember when Saul had his vision Saul Saul why are you persecuting me okay all right we know that Jesus spoke in Hebrew to him there’s just no doubt about it because we went through that in the book of Acts and yet it’s written in Greek so anyway if anybody ever argues with that they’re trying to be pious they’re trying to be more religious than you don’t listen to him Greek is the language of the New Testament Aramaic and Hebrew was the language of the Old Testament it is without a doubt because if it was not written in Greek in the New Testament then those verses do not belong in the New Testament they’re not inspired by God and they are so there you go okay yes the answer is yes he asked his was an Aramaic or Hebrew in a when Jesus was on the cross was an Aramaic or Hebrew and the answer is yes okay I’m gonna show you why I say that this because if you go to Matthew it says in Matthew 27 I think we’ll go there really quickly just if you asked it it says he’s dying on the cross he says the elite lama sabachthani okay right and then in mark it says in mark 15 it says l OE l OE lama sabachthani one is in hebrew one is in aramaic okay so even that tells you that they were translating this from for the benefit of the people right okay but it says right there in those verses in the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice saying lol OE lama sabachthani which is translated and then it’s translated in the Greek in the original my God my God why have you forsaken me that verse could not be in there inspired of God if it was written in Aramaic or in Hebrew everybody got that now and you’re gonna see that Matthew Mark Luke and John it says this and in the book of Acts no doubt the entire New Testament was written in Greek anybody wants to challenge you take them to those verses if they don’t listen ignore him you know their argument is invalid okay it is true though that the lingua franca of the land of Israel at the time of Jesus was Aramaic that’s what most of the people would have spoken okay it was just the language of the day Hebrew was relegated mostly to worship it was in the synagogue’s a few people may have spoken Hebrew but it would not have been a common language it would be like somebody speaking Latin today all right Latin is a dead language but some people will speak it in school or whatever that would be what Hebrew would be like during the time of Jesus the words that Jesus spoke when he was speaking to the people in the land would have been in Aramaic okay so if we know this there’s no doubt about it and people want to stretch things because they want to well that you know we know that everything Hebrew and everything two-ish is better and bla bla bla just like the peace of the Lord being observed and all that crazy stuff that’s why I’m a stickler about these things because it is irrational to rational okay so let’s go on we have let’s see here Romans three one and two I read the reason why this is so important to note along with the other distinctions given by Paul in Romans nine for and five is that these Oracle’s meaning the Old Testament these Oracle’s are what tell of the coming Christ and the names of those included in his genealogy even those not listed in the New Testament record they also testified to the other distinctions such as the Covenant promises and so on these were recorded they were maintained and they were handed down by and through the people of Israel this honor bestowed upon this group is not to be thought minimal in any way okay without these records the knowledge of Christ and his work would not be properly understood if we and that’s why he is so stressing this in this particular verse and I’ll read it again he says of whom are the fathers and from whom according to the flesh Christ came who is over all the eternally blessed God we wouldn’t have any of that information as to when he came the prophecies unless the Jewish people had maintained us and that’s why Jesus could so adamantly state in John chapter 5 1 and then in chapter 6 he’s talking about the scriptures he says you search the Scriptures because they speak of me right the very scriptures that they maintained somebody asked me about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit yesterday ok got an email from somebody in England and he asked somebody said something bad about the Holy Spirit in a snap blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and I said no there are two contexts for the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in the Bible one is found in Matthew and one is found in Luke ok is it Matthew or is it mark anyway the second one is in Luke 1 of the context of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the people of Israel who were the stewards of God’s Word they had every reason to accept Christ for who he was because they were the stewards of God’s Word they understood everything that would be coming about Christ and when he came and they attributed his work to the devil he said that is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because you people are the ones that should know ok that is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that cannot be produced again today because Christ isn’t with us right all we have is the word to go by faith we don’t actually have him standing there and so we cannot commit that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit the Book of Luke is a different context and what he does is when he’s speaking about it it is a continuous ongoing rejection of the Holy Spirit until one dies that has blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in other words the Lord is calling you throughout your life you’ve heard the message you turn on to Joy FM and you hear the gospel and you turn it off and say I’m not gonna listen that you pass by a church and Scott a billboard and the Lord says I’m I’m reaching out to you I love you and you drive by and you say I’m not gonna listen to that and then somebody tells you about you’re in the hospital and you’re having your appendix taken out and that somebody comes in says can I tell you about Jesus no I don’t want to hear about and you go through your whole life rejecting Christ and you die that is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and that can be accomplished by anybody today but there is no sin apart from rejecting Christ until your last breath that will keep you from heaven no sin okay the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit the context of Matthew and Mark or just Matthews one of them anyway the context there is actually seeing Christ and attributing his work to the devil we cannot do that okay so don’t ever worry about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit if somebody says you’ve come in I’ll tell you why I’m so angry about that particular and I may have said this before they may not have but I attended the church down here at which was it anyway the little fundamental Baptist Church that I used to attend was that my kids went to Temple Temple Baptist Church I was there for a few years and a missionary came in and he had given his whole life to Christ I mean he had been in the military and then he got out and what happened is when he was young he was at a charismatic meeting and there were these people rolling around in the grass outside the church and they were making all these stupid noises and you know and they walked by and they laughed at him and another person came up and said you can never be saved you blasphemy the Holy Spirit right I had a lady try that to me on Facebook one time I say yeah I told her to is wrong about a point of doctrine and she says who you bless blasphemy the Holy Spirit I’m like yeah okay anyway but you know and this kid believed it and he his whole life changed and he went into the military he was a drunk he thought I can’t be safe so he just he just threw his life away and then while he was in the military somebody talked to him about the truth of Christ and he was so overwhelmed he left the military he became a missionary and he just this humble wonderful man but you listen to people like that you’re just putting yourself in a bad position you cannot commit the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit except to reject Christ until your dying breath that’s the only context that applies to people today okay everybody got that one I hope okay Matthew 12 and Luke 12 thank you okay I know it was Matthew or mark and I wasn’t sure if Mark repeated Matthew but definitely Matthew okay and then Luke 12 and like I said the context drives the interpretation the Matthew 1 was written to the Jews about the Jews and it was something that he was speaking to them about their conduct what would you do say okay Matthew 12 31 and Luke 10 but you’ve got to read all of the context around it to get the understanding of it Luke is specifically speaking about the idea of rejecting him ongoing okay so that’s the context of that and we’ll go on without these people and without their writings meaning the Jewish people the knowledge of Christ and his work would not be properly understood okay the reason for this is that even in the Old Testament it can be discerned that this coming one meaning the Messiah would be overall and eternally blessed God amen as Paul wrote right there okay you can you can get that now you would not have gotten that I’m not saying that a person reading those verses would have gotten that but from the Old Testament you can get that okay when they read Isaiah it was probably the last thing that they thought when it says you know his name will be called wonderful counselor the mighty God the everlasting father somehow they must have had a disconnect and said well that can’t be speaking of a human being okay it must be speaking of the spirit that rests upon him or something right but you could get it from the Old Testament even in old tests at times all right you may not understand everything that’s coming but looking back on the work of Christ you can get it from the Old Testament no doubt and how people can miss it now that he has come it’s hard to imagine like I’ve saved the Jehovah’s Witnesses they can read those passages and they just they deny completely the the deity of Christ and you can show them every single incorrect translation from their Bible and they’ll say well this is done by you know these Bible translation people like some people will say that the Greek Old Testament the the Septuagint is the only inspired version and you shouldn’t use anything else Jesus and the Apostles I did it more than anything else and so they say you’re only to read the Septuagint and then some people say only the master etic text is inspired by God you shouldn’t read anything that’s outside the Masoretic text but guess what when the King James Version translates the Masoretic text they don’t translate it all the time because there are obvious things that were manipulated by the Jews the macerates okay and so you’ve got a problem there and then some people will say that only the King James Version is inspired you should only read that and then you get people they’ll say that only the Aramaic Bible you’ll get a cult of people like that only the Aramaic Bible should be written read and so you can buy it online and you can spend $150 for your own copy of the Aramaic Bible notes well guess what when you’re reading there make Bible what languages are translated into English right so it’s not the Aramaic Bible anyway right because somebody has translated it and if you give it to another 10 million people 10 million different translations will come out of that Aramaic Bible they will never be the same okay don’t get stuck in people’s false logic about translations God has given us his word and he’s given us a an abundant amount of his word he’s given us Greek translations in Hebrew translations he’s given us English translations he’s given us text from here and there and we can determine the original I’ve done that before up here very precise but you can know that you have the Word of God God has done it in a way that there is no doubt that we have that word it’s not included in one single translation we talked about the reasons why God did not allow the originals to be kept as well there are very important reasons why he would have done that I’d give you a couple of them right now is that if one person has the original Word of God they now have complete authority over you okay they can say I have it you’re not going to get it all right and you have to trust me with this and then they can wield their power over you there are had another one leave my mind but there are several very good reasons why God would have kept the originals away from us but only the originals would have been inspired and breathed that by God through that profit or apostle okay anyway and we’ll do that study sometime when we get to an appropriate chapter but we’ll go on the Old Testament you could tell Jesus was the eternally blessed God amen even from the Old Testament and that he is even now in other words the deity of Jesus Christ can be understood clearly and plainly even from the Old Testament in addition to this his manhood is seen as well and that’s why I say somebody before Christ may have been a little bit confused it says the Messiah is a man and then it seems to say he’s God so they never would have thought he would be the god man nobody would have anticipated that even the Angels didn’t anticipate it it was something that was completely hidden from them but the Old Testament will say that the Messiah is is God and it will say that he is a man and we can see that in its fullness when we read it now okay so he’s a man therefore it is implicit that what was coming as recorded by Israel was the Incarnation God stepping into his own creation and doing what was necessary to right the fault which occurred at the beginning unfortunately for Israel as Jesus noted in Luke 12 because these Oracles testified to him John Israel should have known better so let me read you what it says there in Luke 12 it says Luke well okay he says and that servant who knew his master’s will and did not prepare himself to do according to his Will shall be beaten with many stripes but he who did not know yet committed these things deserving of everyone to whom oh I’m sorry but who did not know yet committed these things deserving of stripes shall be beaten with few for everyone to whom much is given from him much will be required and to whom much has been committed of him they will ask the more I came to send fire on the earth and how I wish it were already kindled okay and then in John he said dad go ahead and say it louder say it louder absolutely right so there you go they are they testify at me and that’s what he was saying to the people of Israel you go search the Scriptures you’re going to see me and the things that I am doing it is evident and that’s why he said you’re attributed the work of God to that of the devil and you have committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit there is no salvation for a person that would do that that cannot be done today because Jesus is not standing here in front of us doing his miracles we have this just like they did they had to live by faith in becoming Messiah we have to live by faith in the revealed Messiah but this book is what tells us something ok so we cannot commit that type of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and if somebody says that you have and don’t drink your life away ok don’t listen to him alright you just call on Jesus and you will be saved very simple process ok so let’s see here much a great deal indeed was given to Israel and they handled the responsibility negligently because of this they went into exile for a second time we talked about that last week leviticus presupposes to exile not one but two they went into exile for a second time how this would affect the rest of the world and how it will affect this special group of people in the future will be discussed by Paul in detail in the verses and chapters ahead that’s what Romans 9 through 11 is going to tell us if you missed what’s being said about that then you’re going to be a replacement theologian you’re going to believe that the promises of the Old Testament belong to the church and we’ve already gone through that I’m not going to do it again today but at the end of this particular devotion I included a poem that somebody had written author unknown but it’s called the Jew and it’s worth listening to think of it think of what this man wrote because he understood scattered by God’s avenging hand afflicted and forlorn sad Wanderers from their Pleasant land do judah’s children mourn and e’en in Christian countries few breathed thoughts of pity for the Jew yes listen Gentile do you love the Bible’s precious page then let your hearts with kindness move to Israel’s heritage who traced those lines of love for you each sacred writer was a Jew and then as years and ages passed a nations rose and fell through clouds and darkness oft were cast or captive Israel the Oracles of God for you were kept in safety by the Jew and when the great Redeemer came for a guilty man to bleed he did not take an Angel’s name no born of Abraham’s seed Jesus who gave his life for you the gentle Savior was a Jew and though his own received him not and turned in pride away wences the Gentiles happier lot are you more just than they know God and pity turned to you have you no pity for the Jew go then and Bend your need to pray for Israel’s ancient race ask the dear Savior every day to call them by His grace go for a debt of love is due from Christian Gentiles through the Jew life application all of Scripture points to Jesus his incarnation which is the Uniting of God with humanity although this may be a hard concept for us as humans to get grasp it is the clear intent and truth found in Scripture a denial of the deity of Jesus Christ is a denial of God’s work on our behalf one who denies Jesus Christ is Lord cannot be saved and I you must call on the Lord Jesus to be saved if you walk away from him he’s not gonna unsaved you but you will lose your rewards but person who has never called on Jesus will never be saved you cannot deny his deity his lordship over you that not talking about word ship salvation that’s talking about who Christ is the man salvation comes from the gospel which is that Christ was crucified for our sins he was buried he was raised again for our justification if you believe in that if you believe that God raised him from the dead if you call on Jesus as Lord meaning Jehovah of the Old Testament you will be saved okay but yeah it’s one of those fundamental things that we cannot to die and you know it’s funny because this time of year it’s happened every year that I remember is that talking about what this beautiful poem this guy wrote he understood that Jesus is a Jew and we see in the news we saw it last week I’ve seen it every year is that Jesus was a Palestinian have y’all seen those articles this she saw one just apparently in the past couple days but yeah Jesus was a Palestinian well there was no Palestine it was Israel and he was a Jew and he is a Jew okay the record is recorded in matthew one and it’s recorded in Luke chapter 3 there’s no doubt that he was a dude there’s no such thing as a Palestinian okay it is something false and as I showed you a recent prophecy updates even the Palestinians deny that there is any Palestinians they just assumed the title in order to drive a wedge between Israel and the world and that’s the only reason why that term is used at all the term is actually fakest in iam okay well go on verse 9 6 new chapter or a paragraph here but it is not that the Word of God has taken no effect for they are not all Israel who are of Israel this is important to understand what Paul is going to be saying in the next verses because if you take them to an illogical extreme you’re going to suddenly become a replacement theologian okay so we got to be careful how we handle the next many verses throughout chapters 9 through 11 one has to pay attention to what they are reading concerning Israel or suddenly a false impression of who Israel is comes into play Israel is not Church and the church is not Israel there’s nothing in Paul’s writings to indicate otherwise and everything to dispel such a notion however far too often people in the church look at verses such as Romans 96 and I just read you and tying them together with other verses come to the conclusion that if there are those who are not Israel who are of Israel then the opposite must somehow be true those who are of Israel now we’re not previously of Israel this is a faulty premise and it is not supportable at all from Scripture having said this Paul will show how those who were not God’s people meaning Israel become God’s people by faith and how those who are God’s people Israel are not truly God’s people because they lack faith absolutely again the categories are set between Israel and non Israel and who are God’s people and who are not God’s people keep these categories straight and the error of thinking that to church becomes Israel will not be made but if you don’t keep them straight you’re gonna say well because what people do is exactly why I just said they make a policy they say a therefore B just because this says this that B must say this and it doesn’t B does not equal a alright you have to think logically when you’re reading what Paul is saying because he was a logical person inspired by the god of logic okay with this understanding Paul begins verse 9 6 with but this is showing a contrast of his thoughts on verses 1 through 5 he’s been describing the honors and the distinctions of being a son of Israel and now he shows the contrast but it is not that the Word of God has taken no effect the word which establishes and explains the duties of the people of Israel is not to blame for any fault which arises in the people just because the word is pure does not mean that the people are pure okay everybody got that God said something to Adam and Adam didn’t do it God’s Word was pure Adam defiled the word okay just because somebody is the steward of God’s Word does not mean that they are pure in and of themselves look at the profits right they were people they were not pure if they were then they would have been the Messiah they had faults there were people with faults but God used them to give us the words of Scripture okay so where is it he shows the contrast okay the word which establishes and explains the duties of the people of Israel is not to be blamed when Paul – Rises it is the basis for who they are meaning the Word of God is the basis for who they are and explains how they were to conduct themselves because of their honored status okay that’s what the word was given this is your duties as the people of Israel you were to do this and this and this and you know I’m reading through the log in right now along with doing two sermons and everything and I I have to stop constantly I mean literally constantly and I have to say thank God that we are not under this law what a burden the law is what an absolute burden that those people face but you know what they committed to it before he even finished giving them the law they said finish ma what is it uh I’m thinking of the term and it just flew right out of my head anyway they say we will hear and we will obey oh no and they said we will obey and we will hear it says it one way first and then it turns around and it’s not a save a mission lot that’s what we will obey we will do and then we will hear okay in other words everything that was following after they’d already been given some of the law they said we agree and we will do and we will hear everything that comes after we will be put herself so they really opened themselves up for anything they were committed at that point now I save English MA anyway so remembering that bit they and their conduct was directed by the law and if they failed it is not because the law was improper okay one thing that I said I think it’s the devotionals that I’m typing right now I don’t know anyway something on typing is that we had dieter it is it’s the 1 Timothy devotionals because we’re getting into the part where the people are told not the certain boots right and which Paul says is wrong you can eat anything anything that is created by God is good and nothing is to be refrained from if it’s sanctified by the Word of God in prayer okay and so you have to ask yourself well then why did he give Israel dietary laws if we’re not under any dietary laws why would he have done that well the reason why is because Israel was there to picture the coming Christ as we saw in the dietary laws if you watch those sermons every one of the dietary thanks that he picked out the word behind it was pointing to something corrupt in human beings don’t eat this right and but the hoods of the animals they’re divided but they’re not completely divided then you can’t eat it because you were supposed to rightly divide the word of God the type of fish that you can’t eat the scales was to picture something right in the Word of God anything else was not to be eaten so it was one the picture of the coming Messiah and two it was to sanctify them as God’s people apart from the other people of the world it was a special sanctification which does not apply today because Christ has come all right so we need to remember those type of things that Israel failed but the law was not the problem it was their problem for not obeying the law anyway we’ll go on as we proceed through Paul’s thoughts in the coming verses and chapters he will quote this very word of God the Old Testament which details their responsibilities and which identifies those who are truly of Israel this is why he mentions it now once this baseline for his thoughts meaning the scriptures is noted he then makes his pronouncement which will be supported by this baseline in his pronouncement is for they are not all Israel who are of Israel once again he’s not talking about Gentiles he’s not talking about Gentiles at all he says that they are not all of Israel who are of Israel okay hello so he’s still only talking about Israel we cannot mix Gentiles into this in any way shape or form the seemingly contradictory statement we’ll be fully explained by using the very scriptures that Israelites stand on as their evidence for being God’s special people in the first place okay so he’s making this statement they’re not all of Israel who are from Israel okay not talking about the Gentiles we cannot as I said earlier take the opposite and say well if they’re not all then that means that not all Gentiles are not of Israel we can’t do that that’s a fallacy of thinking that is what’s called a category mistake Israel is one category Gentiles who have not yet been mentioned are another category completely different categories don’t mix the two okay but if your replacement theologian as soon as you get to Roman’s 96 you’re gonna start saying we’ll see and you’re going to make that category mistake that’s where the error comes into the Bible okay life application on this verse when we come to conclusions from concepts in the Bible they must square with the various categories which the Bible sets down first if we misunderstand these categories then false assumptions are going to result sometimes it’s not easy to define these categories especially when we already have ideas about what we want to believe if you were brought up in a Reformed Church you know a Lutheran Church or a Presbyterian Church or an Anglican Church you’ve been taught this your whole life of course you’re going to have to set that aside and say I’m just gonna go where the Bible says this Israel is a category I’m not Israel despite what my grandpa told me and I’m gonna go with that the baseline is Paul writing the baseline isn’t what you were taught in your church okay Paul’s baseline is now set in at that time there was only Israel in the Gentiles and that hasn’t changed so we need to remember that baseline as we’re going along okay making charts and this is something I used to do a lot I really don’t do it anymore but making charts as you read and study is often a very good idea to help you align your thought with what the Bible intends Israel here not all of Israel or Israel he never mentions Gentiles so you put Gentiles over here and put a line between the two that’ll help you out it’ll help you get your boxes straight it’ll help you get your category straight I used to do it a lot I don’t do it anymore I just maybe I don’t need to maybe I don’t know I just don’t have the time but making little charts and stuff and asking the Bible questions as you’re going along is a really good way of you know it’s like I used to out on the beach turtle beach I had a sign I still got it in the garage in case I ever get time to go out there again but it said Bible questions answered don’t be shy right now they put it out in the beach and people would come up and ask questions and questions I had never thought of in my life you want to learn really quickly be put on the spot like that because the next time you go out there you’re gonna say I’m not making that mistake again you know they’d ask you a question where is this and I’d say well I think it’s in the Book of Luke and we spent 20 minutes and they walk down the beach they’re gone right you don’t want to do that a second time so asking yourself questions and then writing them down and saying I need to get this answer will help you as well they say that a teacher learns a lot more than the students guaranteed 100% correct no doubt about it because the students ask the questions and the teachers have to learn in order to give up if they care they’re gonna go learn to make sure they give the right answer okay here we go nor are I’m gonna read 6 again just see you’ve got the baseline but it is not that the Word of God has taken no effect for they are not all Israel who are of Israel nor are they all children because they are the seed of Abraham but in Isaac your seed shall be called okay in order to substantiate his statement for they are not all Israel who are of Israel Paul returns to the fountain to scripture to validate this concept already with its precedents okay stood me Abraham had a son through his maidservant Hagar thank you his son’s name was Ishmael God here’s okay he was Abraham’s firstborn but God rejected Ishmael and is lying for the honor of ushering in the Messiah in fact no descendant of Ishmael is recorded as being in this line for the rest of the Bible how do I know because I went through the whole Bible and I checked right he is the flash right instead God told Abraham that he would in fact have a son through his wife Sarah who had been barren for many decades when the Sun came he named him it suck that’s a get suck which means laughter okay Isaac sometime after Isaac’s birth Sarah died and Abraham went on to have more children through other wives and concubines and yet the reckoning of Abraham’s seed was and would remain only drew Isaac the precedence was set in this example that being a descendant of someone by blood that does not necessarily mean that they will be included in the spiritual blessings which may accompany the bloodline Isaac was not included the sons of keturah right Midian and mishpokhe and you know there’s like a bunch of names I think there’s another eight ten twelve of them anyway all of those sons each thought not a schmuck anyway all of these sons that are recorded from tor and his other concubines are not included in the spiritual blessing so he can be a descendant of Abraham and not be of Abraham according to what the promise says well he’s using that as an precedent so now that we can see that the same thing must be true with the people of Israel okay so yeah bloodline the this premise should be obvious because ultimately we all descend from one man right where is that recorded in the Bible not in Genesis where is it recorded by Romans 12 I was thinking of an ax explicitly it says but you’re right Romans 12 as well I’m thinking of Acts chapter right after 16 yeah that’s right chapter 17 and verse 26 he says and he made has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on the face of the earth and has determined their pre appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings some translations will say if one man okay meaning Adam all of us go cut a person’s arm in Africa and it’s gonna bleed the same red blood that it bleeds out in Japan and in Burke who just cut himself while shaving over there stop shaving would you okay anyway so you see we’re all descended from one blood okay that is a truth that the Bible proclaims there and elsewhere okay so we have that it’s obvious we all descend from but to make the point of election clear Paul is using those to whom the promises were given and then showing that not all of their descendants are included in those promises the same thing will happen again after Abraham and Paul will cite that example as well in order to continue to make his case concerning election as a sure example that what he is saying is correct we see the same thing being relayed by Jesus in a verbal altercation with the Pharisees he shows that one’s bloodline is not the only factor that can be considered in our relationship with God he says it in John chapter 8 they answered and said to him Abraham is our Father jesus said to them if you were Abraham’s children you would do the works of Abraham he’s speaking on a spiritual level it’s true they descended from Abraham but not all of Israel or Israel he’s just confirming what Bull said he goes on but now you seek to kill me a man who has told you the truth which I heard from God Abraham did not do this you do the deeds of your father oh then they said to him we were not born in fornication we have one father God jesus said to them if God we’re your father you would love me for I proceeded forth and came from God nor if I come of myself but he has sent me why do you not understand my speech because you are not able to listen to my word you are of your father the devil that’s writing the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand with the truth because there’s no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources for he is a lob liar and the father of it so yeah he’s absolutely making the same case that Paul is making right here what anybody here say that we are Judah have you ever heard anybody in any church ever say well we are now Judah no nobody would ever say that we’re not the Pharisees we’re not those people right but they’ll say we’re Israel it’s illogical it’s a category that’s said write it down on your paper and put a line there he’s talking about Israel before I go on I want to thank my daughter she may be watching right now she may not be but I got a shirt from her I just got it I opened it today because I’ve had a busy week and it says red shirt I might not make it anybody got that Star Trek it’s the guy with the red shirt beamed down with Kirk and he always gets killed okay there you go if you’re in a red shirt and you beam down with Captain Kirk you ain’t coming home so my daughter got me this I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign but anyway there you go Thank You Tanji okay I love it yeah I got I got my Star Trek shirt on today okay here we go let’s see it’s a shirt okay Star Trek is not real if anybody has a problem with that it’s not real it’s just a show okay here we go let’s see I am going to be beamed up there’s no doubt about that it won’t be by Scotty but I will be beamed up there is no doubt about that okay so I read you John eight thirty nine through 44 we’ve got a category set life application yes we got time when witnessing to others about Jesus asking are you a Christian isn’t the best approach to determining the truth of the matter I made this mistake with somebody two days ago all right in fact it can set up a barrier which will then be hard to break down the reason is that many people believe that they are Christians because they were born into a Christian home not all who are a Christ are Christians we could say right or who are Christians are of Christ would be a better way of saying it however being a saved Christian isn’t congenital instead every individual must choose to follow Christ so if you ask somebody are you or Christian you may get a faulty answer we get it in the projects all the time don’t we I mean all the time ask somebody are you Christian and so well what does that mean you and all of a sudden they have no idea what it means to them no idea so it’s not a good thing to say well you’re a Christian well then good I’m done with my job here listen I thought I was a Christian for 36 years of my life I went to the Episcopal Church and I was what do you call it when they or a not bad cop for me I was confirmed yeah that’s right oh boy it meant nothing didn’t it um I can take that pin off right yeah take that off wait okay all right so first nine eight let’s see here that is those who are the children of the flesh these are not the children of God but the children of the promise are counted as the seed okay he’s starting to continue to find it but has he brought in any other category than Israel now he’s been talking about Israel he hasn’t brought in any other category except to give an example of Abraham and Jesus gave his example to the people you’re your father at the devil but he hasn’t brought in the Gentiles he hasn’t brought in the church he’s speaking about Israel okay this verse is speaking directly of the line of promise from Abraham this line is through Isaac as opposed to all of the children of Abraham who physically descended from him because it is speaking in this fashion the implication is that the same concept applies to later generations as well okay not this this idea going through the Bible and we need to stick to it now when I did the Genesis sermons and if you haven’t heard it go back and watch them and you’ll understand every time I come to Abraham and then Isaac I very clearly defined this is the line of promise here’s what God is doing here is who is not included in that and I go through them very carefully so that you will follow this line okay well Paul is now on the other side of the cross and he is clarifying it for us to understand okay concerning Abraham who is being spoken up in verse 7 those who are of the flesh are all born directly from him but who are not of the promise oh and I gave the list here Ishmael Zim Ramzan Sean Meade on Midian ich Bakken schewe and any others not recorded because he said he had other concubines and sons and daughters but who physically descend from him it then says these are not the children of God there’s just people that were born in a normal way he had a concubine she had a baby right they’re not included in the promised line of Isaac in this list Isaac wasn’t named even though he was born from Abraham I’ve done this because Paul is making a point about those who are of the promise as opposed to those who are not of the promise the difference is found in his words but the children of the promise are counted as the seed okay he’s making use defining what he’s talking about taking all the paper hams physical descendants and calling them the children of God would be a mistake right other than Isaac they are merely human beings born in the natural way and to whom no promise was made however Isaac came by a promise we’re gonna see that in verse eight well we saw that in verse eight twenty nine let me go back there and we’ll read that maybe I’m meant to write nine twenty nine let me see here eight twenty nine I must have meant nine twenty let me take a look at that yeah are you talking about why did I put a twenty nine Isaac came but as will be seen in verse eight twenty nine anyway we’re gonna see it eventually my BOB viously put down the I must have been smoking the wrong thing that night or something I’m kidding please don’t take that seriously anyway okay that’s noted above Paul is showing that the same concept certainly applies to later generations as well okay so we have this line of people and later generations are going to apply to it those who believe are of the same line of promise as Isaac those who don’t believe are excluded from the line even those who were physically born as descendants of Abraham everybody got that it is by faith it is faith in the coming Messiah that you were included in this promise how do we know this is true we have something that was given through Moses to the people of Israel it’s called the law the law of Moses okay right now there are provisions in the law there are things that people have to do there when you do something wrong you’re supposed to do this and that a lot of them as I show when we’re going through these Leviticus sermons a lot of them are things that only the person would know about them nobody else would know right there would be no way in the world that somebody knew that he touched an unclean dead corpse nobody’s in the wilderness with him he’s out there dude and yet he’s unclean until evening and he’s got to do certain things and all kinds of provisions like this in the law all kinds of them on the Day of Atonement that people were to do what best they were to deny themselves they were to humble themselves they were to abase themselves they were to do no work it is a shut the Shabbat Sabaton a seventh of Holy rest it is a day set apart where nobody was to do any work at all if a guy is out in his house out in the meadow right and he’s in his workshop and he’s grinding away with this is anybody gonna know that nobody is that man a man of faith no and it says that anybody who works on this day will be cut off from his people and yet nobody knows it except him and yet the Lord has cut him off from his people not everybody who is of Israel is Israel okay the law itself shows you that this is true there are people within Israel that were not of Israel and throughout the years I mean they didn’t observe half of the feasts happen the time you get to like the time of King Josiah and it says they had a Passover that wasn’t like celebrated since the time of Joshua or something and you think how can that be we think that they were this holy group of people that were always being obedient to the Lord they were roasting what they were told every year they went down and they observed the Passover when the Bible itself disproves that type of thing half the time they weren’t doing anything that they should have been they were just this collective group of people they come together under a good king they get dispersed under a bad king they’d start worshipping Paul they weren’t observing the Day of Atonement they were not of Israel this is the point that is being made right here and if you just pick up the Bible and read it you can see it is of faith that you are of Israel you have having faith that the law of Moses is leading to a good end that all of the prophets that have been speaking are leading to the Messiah that is what your faith is and you say during the year I didn’t do this and I didn’t do this and I failed to get a sacrifice when I did that well thank goodness a day of atonement is coming in that will cover my sins that person is living by faith because he knows that his sins are going to be covered because he’s been told that it always is a faith it is never of anything else that a person is saved old test it is always a faith because in Leviticus 18 5 is it the man who does these things will live by them and nobody lived by those things nobody because they’re all dead they’re in their grave none of them lived but some of them were saved because they had faith not one person in Israel ever did the things of the law with the exception of Christ that’s what we need to keep reminding ourselves what he is writing about here is a truth that is absolutely found in Scripture is not everybody who’s of Abraham born of Abraham is a Baberaham not everybody who is of Israel is Israel or you know what I’m trying to say anyway so it says here to understand this fully all we need to do is look at the world today okay many claim physical descent from Abraham right who are they they’re called the the twos right we gotta send it gone right down the road come on right we got Jews in Israel right they claim to be descendants of Abraham all over the world we got six million of them up in New York right we biggest outside of Israel itself is the biggest group of Jews in the world is the people that are up in New York okay so they they claim physical descendant from Abraham we have arrows for example they trace their descent from Ishmael don’t they they come right from Ishmael so they know that they are of Abraham okay however they are not sons of God because of this descent they are only sons of God if they are Arabs who believe in Christ right we have some of them that are our friends right Arabs that believe in Christ okay they are only sons of God if they are Arabs who believe in Christ if they are Muslims they’re not sons of God even though they descend from Abraham so we can look at the world today and we can get an understanding of this the Jews who don’t believe in Jesus cannot be sons of promise because the promised Messiah has come so they can’t be sons of promise even though there are six million of them in New York there’s millions of them in in Israel we’ve got them scattered all over the world and they say we’re Jews but they’re not sons of promise because they do not believe in the promised son okay this is because the promise is given to and through Isaac what’s the promise of the Messiah it was not a promise intended to stop with Isaac and it wasn’t a promise it was intended to stop with Jacob the branches continued to come out of the tree until Messiah is revealed those who have faith in this branch are grafted into the tree and become children of God by faith those who don’t are cast out as rejected branches right everybody understand that all these people say we descend from Abraham you hear it on CNN or whatever all the time well they’re all it’s long or they’re all of the faith of Abraham right that doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t mean anything because the promise did not stop with Abraham the promise didn’t stop with Isaac the promise didn’t stop with Jacob who is Israel so all the Jews that say we are the promised sons can’t be the promised sons if they haven’t accepted Christ because the line went from Israel to Judah and then from Judah to David and then from David it went down through this line until it arrived at Christ he is the end of the promise nowhere before that and so if you say I’m a son of the promise you have to be a believer in Christ if you’re not then you’re you’re on the wrong path you might think your ass on a promise but you’re not okay so that’s why when Jesus comes back in the Jews there call on him all Israel will be saved there won’t be many of them left but they will be saved because they will now say we have put her faith in the promised Messiah not whoever they thought was coming but in the one who actually came the only life application the only bearing that physical descent has on God’s redemptive program was in order for humanity to lead to the Messiah this line continued on for thousands of years until it came to Mary born of the line of David however the Bible records that even Mary had other sons and they are not messiahs are they we don’t even know what their names were right we know Jude we know we’ve got a couple of them but we don’t know all the man sons and daughters right so we know they are they are not messiahs so even Mary not the stopping point the stopping point must be the one who was born of Mary and of God okay only Jesus fulfills the plan and so even Mary’s other sons had to call on Jesus as Lord as you can see your physical descent into a Christian home is irrelevant absolutely irrelevant only personal faith in Jesus counts towards your adoption as a child of God that’s why infant baptism is such a scary thing because when you hear somebody say well I was baptized into the Catholic Church guess what that means it means less than this okay if that’s possible it means less than this it is absolutely zero but they are trusting and their baptism into the Catholic Church to get them to have anything they ain’t gonna get there right you have to have faith in God’s promised Messiah that’s what Paul is saying here now now that I have said that Israel is not included I’m talking about those of Israel who are not Israel they are not included in this promised Messiah but they will be I want to make sure that in case somebody watches this particular episode and says well I’m not gonna watch anymore because he’s rejecting the Jewish people I’m not they’ve been broken off but they will be grafted back in okay and we’re gonna talk about that they are not included today no to John Hagee is saved by the law of Moses no Jew not one okay only Christ can save a person dual covenantal ISM is a heresy John Hagee is a heretic and must be understood when he teaches us absolutely as bad as it can be because it consigns those people that he says you’re okay in your station to eternal hell because he’s not willing to say you must come to Jesus Christ in order to be saved and what he does is he equip the Katyn he says well they’re all saved through the blood of Jesus Christ so they think that they’re saved through Christ even though they haven’t come to Christ because he’s saying that that covenant saves them into Christ he manipulates words to get around theological truths I would not listen to that guy because he’s very good speaker and unless you know what he’s saying and unless you understand what you’re saying you can really get misled by that guy be very careful listening to him he is a heretic John Hagee is a he’s a Texas preacher that is a great great orator he’s one of the greatest speakers you’ll ever hear man when he speaks you think this guy knows what he’s talking about and all he does is he throws in these little seeds of heresy you got to be really careful know what yeah absolutely you know he could be a safe guy but he is teaching people non-sitting non-save people thinks it will never get them saved it is absolutely crazy what’s that exactly then how can you be saved by the log now but that’s what he does he equivocates on what he is saying so that people think oh well they’re saved by the blood of Christ they’re not saved by the blood of Christ because Christ has come that’s the problem the people of the time of the law were looking forward to Christ once he came the whole dynamic changed the entire dynamic changed those who are looking forward to Christ by faith as we just talked about a few minutes ago were saved they were sons of faith in the coming Messiah well that Messiah has come and now we have the full revelation of who he is we cannot go back and say we are saved in the hope of becoming Messiah he has come he’s here you see where that’s a terrible problem we have to go through is that people teach these things and then they listen to what they’re saying in there you get confused but he’s the same guy that said that jesus never proclaimed to be Messiah with his own mouth go on YouTube and type it in John Hagee says that Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah and you’ll get the add we’re selling his book Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah well I hate to say it but he did explicitly a couple times like to the woman at the well and then he calls himself Jesus Christ in his high priestly prayer which by the way Christ is the Greek word for Messiah showing that the New Testament was written in Greek nutin it’s another two going back to what we talked about earlier right and then after that guess what it says the word Christ what seventeen thousand times in the New Testament ten billion times whatever it doesn’t change in meaning ever Christ means Messiah and Messiah means Christ he’s he is really not a good handle or a scripture be very careful with that guy anyway we’ll go on um let’s see here we have time yes 99 we’re just burning up the page today 99 cents for this is the word of promise at this time I will come and Sarah shall have a son for this is the word of promise at this time I will come and Sarah shall have the son as a way of seeing what Paul of seeing what Paul is doing with his words over the past few verses note how he ties them together into greater concepts okay but it is not the Word of God these uses that term has taken no effect for they are not all Israel who are of Israel nor are they all children because they are the seed of Abraham but in Isaac your seat shall be called that is those who are the children of the flesh these are not the children of God but the children of the promise are counted as the seed for this is the word of promise at this time I will come and Sarah shall have a son that’s verses 6 9 6 through 9 okay so he uses the term the Word of God and then he calls them children of God down a couple verses later and then he says children of promise and he uses the term word of promise he’s equating the children with the word of God okay everybody see what he’s done there he’s taken those concepts Burke let me read it to you again because I can see you’re looking at it okay he says this is verse 6 but it is not that the Word of God right see where he says that and then he goes down in verse 8 he says these are not the children of God so you have the Word of God and you’ve got the children of God and then you’ve got in the same verse but the children of promise and then you go down to verse 9 for this is the word of promise he’s tying the people in with the word okay as you can see he’s making a direct connection between the Word of God and the word of promise the greek word lagos is used for both concepts he is also tying the children of God with the children of promise the foreknowledge of God is seeing quite clearly here and the connection becomes a demonstrable truth as you is back into recorded history to show us this and not only is it recorded history but it is the recorded history which establishes the people of Israel in the covenant of promises understanding this allows us to see more clearly what he will tell us concerning our own election using the Scriptures meaning the Word of God that’s the basis for his statement he begins with for this is stated in order to substantiate what he just claimed in the preceding verse that those who are the children of the flesh these are not the children of God but the children of the promise are counted as the seed so for this is the word of promise is given to demonstrate this the verse that we’re looking at right now if something came by a promise before it actually occurred then it cannot be ascribed to what as usual if somebody says something is going to happen a child is going to be born of a virgin and then it happens it can’t be ascribed as usual right that doesn’t matter what God predicts if he says something is going to happen and then it happens it’s not the norm right now we can make logical deductions about the future the stock market will probably go up tomorrow and if it does then you can say I’m a prophet right no I’m using a logical set of analysis too but then we could have a calamity we could have an earthquake and all of a sudden the stock market tanks tomorrow so it’s not a guarantee it’s just that we have certain logical things that say something will happen tomorrow that is not what I’m talking about I’m talking about when somebody says something is going to happen and then it actually happens okay people have children all the time but it occurs after the union of the two people and when that union is at the right time and with all of the right conditions it is not something that we can say will definitively happen when it will happen what the sex of the child will be etc etc etc we just can’t do those things right we can’t say that it on 28 April of this coming year you’re gonna have a child that’s gonna be a boy we don’t do that we have no idea about those things so when God said to Abraham at this time I will come and Sarah shall have a son it is reflecting something out site of the normal it is showing that the promise is tied into the word which has been spoken if the word is true then the problem is actually the word itself they are one in the same and thus it is because Genesis 17 verse 19 records then God said no Sarah no Sarah your wife shall bear you a son and you shall call his name Isaac I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his descendants after him not only was a son promised but his name was given Isaac in addition to this the selection of the child was tied directly to the Covenant which had already been announced to Abraham and further the timing of the event was also given as was seen in Genesis 18 verse 10 I will certainly return to you according to the time of life and behold Sarah your wife will have a son the promise is in fact the word God’s pronouncements issue from who he is this is the extraordinary marvel which is the Word of God the Holy Bible if it is the Word of God and it has proven itself time and time and time again then what it proclaims must come about what am I thinking about right here anybody know what I’m thinking about my brother who died yesterday right Paul the Bible says he will be raised to new life it must come about we have the proof in the Bible itself the word is the promise in the promise is the word God has spoken and he has said that Paul will rise again because of this faith in Christ it must come about if it doesn’t come about then this is not the God of the Bible and the word is not sure and it is 100% sure anybody that can’t see that after reading the Bible and studying what it says thousands of years ago and then coming true again and again and again in the Messiah and then if all of those prophecies you’ve read about you know I did a survey at one time there are 390 prophecies or something of Christ and only eight of them would fill the universe with atoms because of that improv ability of it happening right on a sermon I took somebody’s information one time and he says for these certain prophecies to come about you would need to have enough silver dollars to cover the entire state of Texas three feet high and then you could parachute in anywhere in the state put your hand down and pull out one and that would be the right one out of all of those silver dollars right and that’s with like eight prophecies out of 390 that they say are recorded the Messiah now let me ask you something how many pictures of the Messiah have we had since we started in the book of Genesis literally thousands thousands sometimes we have ten or twelve in a single verse this word this word this word this word and this word all have this meaning and it is pointing to this right the Ark the menorah all of these things every single time this isn’t by chance I may have made some logical deductions that were incorrect one maybe two okay I’m kidding but anyway there’s no way that time and time and time again these things keep coming up pointing to Christ thousands of them people say there are 390 prophecies of Christ that is only explicit prophecies that they very quickly pulled out of the Bible that is not from a detailed study of the Bible there are thousands of them there are thousands of them we have the surest word of all 100% don’t let your faith be tested or tried in any way we got five more minutes so we’ll just finish this first and be done if this is the Word of God and it is it’s proven itself then what it proclaims must come about life application people who claim they have a and you know me with this and you good upset somebody online I don’t care people who have claimed that they have a word from the Lord or a vision from God and I’m not talking about you know the Lord has put things on my heart he’s put things on the heart of many of us in here and we say well maybe I should go out and do this today and it turned out to be exactly what we should do right or you could say I knew I needed to fly home I knew that my my mother would die tomorrow or something you know what I’m saying we know this that is not what I’m talking about here the Lord leads his children he’s given up us the spirit to guide us I’m talking about a word from the Lord a prophetic utterance okay this is the word of law this will come about okay a word from the Lord or a vision from God we’ll be accountable for what they speak okay it’s a scary thing to even contemplate too often such terms are just thrown out with no backing and which do not come true I I have personally heard a billion of them I’m sure I’ve seen some head shaking in here you’ve been in churches where somebody says this is the word of the Lord and it never came about it never I would not want to be standing in front of the Lord on that day and say I spoke in Europe because they say people that have done this stupid thing they’ve done this incredibly stupid thing and said the Lord told me this or that all right and it didn’t come about that is not a good place to be okay you’ve got to be careful with that imagine the consequences of ascribing a word from God which is not a word from God do not be swayed by those who threw out visions and fantasies from their heads you want to read a bunch of lunatics I got a friend that sends me these things constantly oh she’s wonderful she sends me all of these some she I couldn’t do it she goes to these like rapture websites and they’re constantly predicting look if there was rapture was coming in Hanukkah and then she emailed me the next day while the Chanukah people really shut up there’s no noise from them today and then the next day it’s well it’s gonna have and this goes on all the time and these people are making prophecies and they’re saying the Lord is coming and I had a vision and I I can’t imagine the bizarro thinking of people like that and then they’re wrong and they just go on to the next one dog returning to its vomit I would not want to be standing in those people’s shoes when they have to stand before the Lord and say I mislead people again and again they’re just delusional they say these stupid things to each other and she’s she’ll send me a whole thing of what they were talking about you know look my mother went to the store and she picked out Golden Grahams and we know that Jesus is the golden something and like Golden Grahams are their ticket to heaven it’s just crazy just anyway there are people like this that do this all the time I get them from this girl and this is just one lady that sends them to me just imagine what’s going on out there anyway we’re accountable for where we place our faith okay you want to place your faith place it right here anybody that tells you anything that is not recorded in this book take with a grain of salt okay and there are people that have made prophecies that have come true right but they haven’t done the name of the Lord in the Old Testament says I may send somebody to give you a prophecy and it comes true but he doesn’t I’ve done that I’ve allowed that to see if your hearts will be swayed away from me right the word is going to test this he’s gonna check us out are we going to hold fast at this then if you don’t know this then you’re in a bad bad place because all of a sudden this guy says a proxy you know what the Messiah emailed me a couple days ago no kidding they I did the sermon on the face of the Lord the first one and the first thing I did was open with the laws and old it’s fulfilled bubbeleh and he sent me the thing about exactly the verse this everybody reads matthew yet not one jot or tittle and i read that last week saying somebody emailed me that by i didn’t tell you what his answer to me was I went back and I said what the Bible said and I said so what do you think about that and he came back and he said I am the Messiah guess what locked completely blocked from from ever emailing me again can you imagine somebody saying I’m the Messiah Wow yeah I didn’t want to have an any more conversation with that nutjob Wow unbelievable okay so we’re starting next week in 910 that’s a short verse but we don’t have time for it today so we’ll go ahead and close yes oh this isn’t from tangi oh why didn’t you tell she she had these things sitting out today and I was opening so this is from the lady in Tennessee Oh oh I’m not gonna give her name because I thank you I know don’t say it out loud anyway because maybe she doesn’t want me to say it but thank you I thought that was for my daughter okay when I get home you got to show me because they were sitting there and I just I didn’t know if this is from her I am so thankful Wow Wow she might have got mad and clicked off and then I’ve got oh no you got to let me know these things she had everything sitting out I just assumed it was from tangi so I’ve been telling everybody tangi today oh we got a pray what yes half brother’s wife okay but he had sisters as well right so we don’t know other names that man your sisters are here with this until I wasn’t trying to say we didn’t know all their names and I did say well we know dude and we know change but we don’t know all of them so okay anyway we’ll go ahead and go to the Lord in prayer thank you for that though Heavenly Father we certainly thank you for this class we thank you for the chance to come and read your word and to study it in the fellowship together and thank you for the wonderful soul that sent me this shirt who I sent the wrong name out on that I apologize to her right now and lord I thank you for the chance to pray for Elaine and the rest of Paul’s families that are right now meeting together and probably holding each other and wondering what to do next and we would pray that they would be have their path level before them and that the things that they decide would be proper that they would be without difficulties and that this would be a smooth time for them in their lives and that you would bless them as they move forward and we certainly pray for Mike the person who takes care of the website and his medical condition today and I’ll be anticipating good news after his outpatient surgery and hopefully they’ll find out what it is and that it won’t be anything life-threatening but we leave this in your capable hands praying that you will take good care of him and Lord we just love you we praise you and we exalt you we thank you for the many many blessings of this life and we give you these praise and thanks in Jesus name Amen oh boy I’m glad you said that here to go cuz I had no idea I had no idea oh boy okay let me back this thing up and we got to say goodbye to these folks Rick and Steve it’s good to have you guys here okay we love you guys have a wonderful week you take good care of yourselves bye-bye see ya see you next year that’s right oh boy okay I got a circle that before I forget where we were wow that’s wow goodness gracious I’ve got to email her and tell her this that collaborative up

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