Rex Tillerson Has Had Enough and PISSED OFF Every Single Elite in Washington – He Just Fixed the Most Important Thing That Everyone Wants to See

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been doing some genuine shaking up of the status quo in Washington.

He is working carefully disposing of waste in the State Department, and a huge number of the profession legislators and officials aren’t glad about it.

The State Department has “exceptional envoys,” a large number of which are outdated as well as out of date. What’s more, these inefficient positions were doubled while Barack Obama was POTUS. Imagine!

For instance, there’s as yet an exceptional envoy for the Six-Party talks. They were discussions to attempt to persuade North Korea to give up their nukes. Furthermore, there have been no such talks maybe 10 years.

At that point there’s the “special agent for struggle jewels.” What? Furthermore, the “individual agent for Northern Ireland issues.” Huh?

(Courtesy of United News International, via Youtube)

All things considered, Tillerson is disposing of a significant number of these inefficient, out of date positions, and collapsing the elements of others into different positions. He told Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee that the reforms will save a huge sum of money and streamline operations, in addition to other things.

I’m so happy and upbeat to see President Trump and his organization rolling out genuine improvement in Washington, DC. It has been coming for a really long time in a business as usual that is inefficient and corrupt.