RETRIBUTION: What Putin Said About Trump Last Night Will Make Dems Sweat Bullets

The Democrats were just delt a massive blow last night courtesy of Vladimir Putin and his new buddy, Megyn Kelly.

Y’all probably remember how the left loves sayin’ how Putin’s got some dirty info on Donald Trump, right? That’s their whole reason they call Trump a “puppet”. Well, during Kelly’s first interview with NBC, the Russian President himself set that rumor to bed once-and-for-all…

Putin said that Russia has NO incriminating information of President Trump.

Vladimir Putin told Megyn Kelly, “This is just another load of nonsense. Where would we get this information from? Why, did we have some special relationship with him? He also went on to say there were NO secret meetings between the Trump campaign and Kremlin and his “jaw dropped” when he heard that. The whole interview is fantastic and you should absolutely watch it right here:

Anyways, this is the kind of stuff the mainstream media will either trash or simply ignore. It’s what they do, after all. Is Russia to be “trusted”? No. But that does not mean they are lying. So here we are. We gotta share the ACTUAL words out ourselves, otherwise, the MSM writes their own narrative. Do you think Trump won fair-and-square?