Redskins clean out locker room


American Today News

It is tough but you know anytime she’s trash bags oh I hate those trash bags did you know guys are packing her stuff up at the end of the day man I had a blast man it was tough season but at the end of the day you know it’s a blessing to be able to play in this league the best memory and the worst memory from this season that’s a hard one for me to answer what the other guys say probably on beam Dallas here crazy atmosphere you know crazy game any time you complete a pass when you’re not supposed to that’s that’s probably the best memory it really really stinks that it didn’t come on a win I’d say the worst was I mean I don’t know I mean all all losses hurt I mean the Giants won was pretty rough the worst is losing the guys that we have in this locker room that’s probably the worst thing anytime you lose guys to injuries and they’re not able to come out and contribute and help you in games it’s always a terrible feeling

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