Red Sox Headed To Los Angeles Two Wins Away From World Series Title


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Now the team is on to Los Angeles sky-eye over Logan where the players have boarded a plane and are set to begin their trip to the west coast these are live pictures right there players are on that plane headed west of v’s Nick Giovanni is live at Fenway with more yeah kid Chris have in fact four buses are actually still parked outside Fenway Park right around the corner from where we here where we are right now on Jersey Street but as you mentioned that caravan did start rolling out about 30 minutes ago take a look at some of the pictures we did shoot on their way out a nice send-off certainly no doubt Red Sox Nation gathering to send the Red Sox off players started showing up as early as nine o’clock this morning Rick Porcello the game 3 starter along with Chris Sale Alex Cora some of the first on scene that we did see here after a full night’s rest coming off of that game to win last night Alex Cora talking last night about how it was important to get these guys one more night of good rest waking up in their own beds before heading out west and heading to Hollywood in what could be a very fateful trip if they handle their business on the road this could be the last we see of the Red Sox at Fenway before they start boarding duck boats just to think they were here and we saw the helicopters hovering above it was like something big is happening oh my god there they are yes so it was really exciting it’s awesome you know to get them out here you know we say once-in-a-lifetime you never know what’s gonna happen again I mean I think we have a dynasty coming here but we came only from Las Vegas to see him play and as we were talking about this morning this is straying from standard operating procedure for the Red Sox typically they would have left right after game two and in fact this series were say in Milwaukee well Alex Cora said they would have in fact left last night but it was important for him to again make sure the Red Sox are well-rested embarking on a journey right now the distance between the two ballparks of course the greatest length between two ballparks in World Series history so they have got quite the road ahead of them quite an exciting one up to Oh in the series live outside February Park Nick Giovanni WBZ news

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